Skin Creamery Everyday Cream, Facial Cleansing Powder & Facial Oil Review

The Skin Creamery is a local skincare brand with very aesthetically pleasing packaging. I saw everyone rave about the everyday cream which is why I decided to try it. There are just five products in the range – everyday cream, facial cleansing powder, facial oil, skin tonic and oil-milk cleanser.

The packaging for the Skin Creamery Everyday Cream looks great but the glass bottle did irritate me as there was plenty of product (around 20%) left at the bottom that it wouldn’t pump out. The scent is very minty. When applied to my face I felt like I was in the movie Mean Girls since peppermint is usually reserved for feet. I don’t particularly like the scent but that is a personal choice. The texture is more liquid than the rich hydrating cream I expected it to be. When applied it doesn’t easily sink in and leaves your skin with a soapy sticky feeling. The Body Shop body butter is way more hydrating at a fraction of the price. 

Application to my face made me break out in the most horrible way that I have never experienced in my life before. My face was covered in little bumps filled with liquid which didn’t even go away after a week of discontinued use. I eventually had to apply plenty of cortisone and was left with a little scarring. When I checked the ingredients it completely made sense why I broke out. The product is packed with so many different oils which are sure to irritate your skin. People need to realize that just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it is good for you. I tried to apply this on the rest of my body but I realized it also made my whole body itch. If I didn’t wash my hands after applying, even the slightest contact with my face would cause it to break out. 

The funny part of this scenario is that I was stupid enough to buy three bottles of this crappy stuff which I am now stuck with. My fiancé also bought a bottle which he doesn’t use because it also makes him itchy. I contacted the owner who agreed to a refund and never followed through. Absolutely not so awesome service. This is what deters me from trying to support local, the horrendous customer service. Had this been from a department store I could have returned my unopened products without a problem and got a refund for the one that was opened. The Everyday Cream is the worst product I have ever bought in my life. I absolutely hate it. Should you choose to ignore my experience you can purchase a bottle for R285 and a refill for R250.

The Skin Creamery Baobab Bentonite and Buchu facial cleansing powder packaging is not practical at all. After only a few uses my cork is starting to crumble and disintegrate. It’s not very easy pouring the powder out and I inevitably end up pouring too much. There is wastage that happens from pouring it back as the powder spits back out when you close the cork. This product is just so messy and impractical to use. It is difficult to know how much powder and water to attain the right consistency. The scent resembles one I associate with old people, sickly sweet & powdery. There are little shells in this which serve to exfoliate but probably do more harm by creating tears in your skin. It leaves my skin squeaky clean. This is a quick fix if you are too lazy to use a mask as you feel a difference for one day only. You can purchase the facial cleansing powder for R250.

The Skin Creamery Jojoba, Melon seed and Baobab facial hydrating oil is different to other oils. This is because you should mix the oil with a few drops of water to activate and help absorption of the oil. I can’t tell the difference of this step except that it seems annoyingly unneccesary. This is a very light facial oil which didn’t feel hydrating or absorb easily. The facial hydrating oil retails for R295.

Overall I wasn’t impressed by the range and wouldn’t repurchase anything. I did learn three very valuable lessons:

Natural doesn’t mean that it’s better. Snake venom is natural and you wouldn’t use it on your skin.

Only purchase one item of a product you have not used before. 

Don’t trust product launches and beauty bloggers as they get the product for free and are paid usually without them disclosing it.


Skin & Cream,


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