Topo Gigo

Topo Gigo is an Italian restaurant located in Greenside. The inspiration behind the name is no doubt based on the main character from a popular Italian puppet tv show with the same name. I definitely think the little mouse drawn below represents him. 


The decor is understated with all the TVs bringing to mind that of a sports bar. We visited on a Saturday for lunch and it was very quiet. I expect that it gets busy much later on. 


It seems to me that the real reason everyone visits are the half price jugs which are on special every day of the week just at different times. They might not taste like much but it’s probably the cheapest way to get drunk.


Pizzas are a speciality here with close to 40 options for you to choose from and majority of them priced at under R100. The pizza we ordered resembled junk pizza with plenty of toppings and a very thick gooey cheese.


I tried the calamari and chips. The chips were really delicious and seasoned well. Sadly the calamari was very average and didn’t taste fresh. 


I spotted these stickers up on a wall and thought they were quite funny. 


Topo Gigo can be best described as a place you go for drinks where food is just an after thought.

Ring: (011) 646-9573
Hop: 12 Gleneagles Road, Greenside

Topo & Gigo,


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