7 rude things people do in public

1. Wear sunglasses indoors. I absolutely do not get this ridiculousness unless you are going for the douche bag look. Maybe if you took your sunglasses off then you would see where you are going instead of being in everyone’s way. It’s also just so rude to be speaking to someone in a store with them on.

2. Smoke anywhere & everywhere. Smokers are as inconsiderate as they get. Don’t smoke in front of entrances or shared walking spaces where non-smokers have to pass by. I put smokers in the same category as people with body odour and personal hygiene problems. 

3. Have no sense of personal space. We have all experienced this standing in a queue. Someone stands too close to you, so you move away and then they get even closer. If your purpose is to climb into my body then you are probably not standing close enough. If not please repeat after me, standing closer to someone doesn’t get you to the front of the queue any faster. Speaking of queues don’t be a queue jumper!

4. Stand in the middle of nowhere. It makes no sense to me whatsoever why people will stop and stand in the middle of nowhere in everyone’s way. You can be just as stupid on the sidelines out of the way.  

5. Being unnecessarily noisy. There is no need for the entire restaurant to be involved in your group antics, no need for everyone sharing public transport to partake in your cellphone conversation and no need for the rest of the office to bob along to the music blasting from your earphones. 

6. Having no regards to rules. I don’t know why people think disobeying makes them cool. It isn’t school anymore. If it says no taking pictures, don’t take a flipping picture. Don’t trespass. Don’t sit in a seat you didn’t pay for. Pay your fines, pay your etolls and don’t bribe cops. It’s not difficult. 

7. No control over their kids. Now I know kids will be kids. We were all there and misbehaved but within some sort of reason. I can’t expect you to leave your kids at home so unfortunately we have to coexist in public spaces. While I don’t mind a crying baby I do mind kids who wreck havoc. They kick people, drop items in stores, touch people’s stuff with their dirty hands and sometimes are just in the way by rolling around on the couch while you trying a pair of shoes on. Don’t bring your kids to confined spaces where they will be bored and act out. Rather take them to Papachinos and do your shopping online. 

Common & People,


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