Cafe del Sol Tre

Cafe del Sol Tre is the third in the Cafe del Sol franchise. The inspiration behind the name tre is celebrating the power of three present in the three members of the family, the third restaurant and triangular shapes in art deco.


The restaurant is decorated beautifully in 1920s art deco style which is quite unique to the Johannesburg scene. Even the waiters are dressed up to transform you back to an era in New York. The decor has a very classy look and feel.


Outside is perfect for Parkhurst people watching. I would skip sitting here in the Winter though.


It’s also really pretty in the Summer time.


Food isn’t served between 3-6pm but you can order afternoon nibbles. I love the unique 1920s inspired names given to each of the dishes on the menu.


Boogie Woogie. Baked heirloom tomato and ricotta puff pastry tart topped with fresh mozzarella, cheese and a sweet basil dressing for R105.


High Hat. Tempura eggplant melanzane stack of tomato salsa, fior de latte mozzarella, pesto, Parmesan shavings, fried basil and herb shoots for R89.


Black Lightning. Homemade pappardelle pasta, flambeed whisky and porcini mushroom cream served with a crisp textured forest floor, earthy mushroom powder and a secret truffle scent for R140. A must have delicious signature dish with excellent flavours. 


The second time we ordered it the pasta didn’t have enough sauce and was very yellow.


Shakin the Blues Away. Stuffed calamari with a freshly prepared stuffing of red pepper, capers, olives and fresh ricotta cheese with a delicate angel hair pasta, stir fried seasonal vegetables and a beurre blanc cream sauce for R160 is a signature dish. It was disappointing to see the calamari burnt and the stuffing flavours were just not there.


My favourite pasta I have eaten here was a special of penne in a tomato based sauce with olives and crumbed aubergine for R140. 


The Big Parade. Rocket tagliatelle with signature limoncello cream sauce and five deshelled queen prawns for R180. The presentation on this dish could do with a bit more finesse. There wasn’t enough sauce and the dish was very bland. It pales in comparison to the limoncello pasta dish at the original Cafe del Sol.


Love for Sale. Prawn, chilli and ouzo risotto with sweet deshelled prawns in ouzo enhanced risotto, fennel, wild rocket, garlic and chilli for R175. The dish had way too much salt and the ouzo flavour overpowered everything. It basically tasted like very expensive salty rice.


Shroom Rhapsody. Porcini mushroom risotto with earthy mushrooms served with young peas and truffle scented oil for R145. This risotto on the other hand could have done with salt. Also equally as bland with hardly any flavour. Probably the worst part was suffering with food poisoning for a week afterwards. This dish has scarred me from ever attempting to eat another risotto again.


Ain’t Misbehavin. A trio of icecream for R60 which had a pepper flavour that tasted like nothing, basil which was so unusual to eat as it tasted like basil pesto and strawberry which was by far the favourite with a natural yoghurt taste. 


Service was prompt and friendly without being intrusive. The menu is small and doesn’t change seasonally. Prices are steep so it definitely isn’t a cheap meal out. 


I found most of the food bland and inconsistent to justify those prices. While it might be prettier and fancier than the Olivedale branch the food doesn’t match.

Ring: (011) 568 – 1063
Hop: Parkhurst Square, Corner 4th Avenue and 13th Street, Parkhurst

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