Lush Big Shampoo Review

Lush Big Shampoo is a sea salt based clarifying shampoo. I was lured into buying this product by the promise of it being a good clarifier. When I went to the store to check it out it was the delicious scent that hooked me.


Lush describes it as a sea salt shampoo to give your hair lift and volume, make it easy to get a comb through and smell great for hours. I didn’t find it to give my hair volume and on the contrary my hair got quite tangled. It does smell really great though. 

It is crammed full of sea salt for volume, seaweed & coconut for softness and fresh lemon & limes for shine. Neroli, mandarin, orange flower and vanilla all contribute to the intoxicating scent. 


I use this as a clarifying shampoo when I remember. The scent reminds me of salty sweet refreshing drink that I can’t stop sniffing. The consistency is a liquid gel with salt pieces. I was surprised at how well it foamed up. It’s a little too harsh to use more than once a week as it really strips your hair leaving it squeaky clean and tangled. You need a good conditioner to combat the dryness. 

The container isn’t the best design as you inevitably get foam or water inside thereby diluting the shampoo. Lush Big Shampoo retails for R225 for 330g. It’s a reasonable price since the tub lasts a long time. If you looking for a great clarifier give it a try and don’t forget the hydrating conditioner. 

Lush & Big,


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