Perron Restaurant Review

Perron is a Mexican restaurant with branches located in Illovo and Bryanston. While we have plenty of great Italian restaurants, the Mexican food scene is seriously lacking. It is great to see we are getting more restaurants because who doesn’t love Mexican food? It is flavoursome and goes down well with a margarita.


There are ten different Mexican restaurants spread around Johannesburg but they all very average. When Perron opened two years ago I thought they would be Johannesburg’s version of El Burro.


The pastel colours and menu layout is cute and quirky. On the menu you can find burritos, small plates, salads and more substantial meals. From jalepeno poppers to tacos, burritos, empanadas, quesadilla and chilli, there really is every type of Mexican food you could possibly want.


I love the very fun decor which makes it a popular place to celebrate a birthday.


Don’t you just love these lampshades and the bar area?


Fish taco with lightly battered hake served on two soft tacos with a crunchy mexican slaw, spicy crema, guacamole and a squeeze of lime for R58.


This was a very dry and bland dish.


Spicy chicken quesadilla with chipotle chicken in a spicy marinade, toasted in a tortilla with loads of cheddar cheese for R54. There was no spicyness or depth of flavour in the simple tomato chicken filling.


Prawns in adobe for R60 has shelled Mozambiqan prawns marinated in ancho chilli and orange juice. This was probably the dish we liked the least. The prawns were tiny and the sauce had a burnt taste which I didn’t enjoy .


Mushroom quesadilla with black mushrooms fried in chilli and onions, toasted in a tortilla served with loads of cheese for R54. This only tasted of cheese and the flavours resembled something you would make at home.


Perron is a pretty restaurant but all of their food was very average. I can sadly only get my Mexican fix on a yearly trip to Cape Town’s El Burro.

Ring: 011 8807296
Hop: Illovo Junction, Corner Oxford Road and Corlett Drive, Illovo

Tequila & Quesadilla,


2 thoughts on “Perron Restaurant Review

  1. If and when you’re in CPT again, try out the other Mexican delights – Fat Cactus is good for a party,. as in Ponchos. My fave was Zapata in Harfield Village (but make sure you book, as they get – or used to when I lived in SA – very full). Also if you do go there make sure you have the deep fried ice cream 🙂

  2. And if you have been to those ones and think El Burro is better, please let me know. Im hankering for some Mexican (I havent found any amazing places in London yet) when I visit in April and want to go here if they are better to the Mexican places Ive been to!

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