7 things I hope 2017 will be

1. The year where people choose an engagement ring that isn’t the now very common halo design.

2. The year people stop using the words fam, lit, squad, staycation, slay and goals.

3. The year that people stop pretending avocado on toast is a recipe.

4. The year where people use social media to interact and share, instead of using it to stalk, judge, gossip, hate, lie and pretend. 

5. The year where influencers in SA clearly mark which posts are sponsored and paid for. 

6. The year where Twitter finally lets us edit our tweets. 

7. A year of new trends as we see the old ones of copper everything, OTT desserts, Pokémon Go, pool floats, metallic balloons (I still want one!), matcha, off the shoulder tops, chokers and (please God) halo engagement rings go out.

Most of all I hope for a year filled with new beginnings, happiness, love, laughter, success and good memories.

Cheers 2016 & Happy 2017!


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