Anniversary dinner at The Winehouse on Ten Bompas

We visited The Winehouse for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. The fiancé had their summer menu last year and loved it. We had the three course Winter menu for R375pp. Wine pairing will cost you another R200pp. 


The restaurant is small and intimate. I loved our cozy couch corner, the fireplace and the pictures. I only realized now the reason for the painting of Amy Winehouse. The decor also felt a little clinical.


I loved the bread served with three kinds of butter; salted, burnt and truffle. This was the best part of the meal.


For starters I tried the roasted garlic soup with pale ale, thyme and crispy onion. It was good but I didn’t understand certain ingredients like what was at the bottom of the soup or the very bitter bread it came with. At a fine dining place I expect the waiter to explain the dish in a little more detail as the menus are normally very vague.


The seabass starter with parsnip, verjuice and spring onion was overdone. It had a sweet flavour which worked well with the fish. At this point the food was good, but I wasn’t excited about it or blown away. 


Porcini ravioli with truffle, cauliflower, ricotta and walnut was an interesting dish. There was only really one ravioli but plenty of cauliflower. A very complicated dish with lots of elements, flavours and techniques on the plate.


When I saw the ocean trout with olive oil, swiss chard and crème fraiche, I knew I wasn’t going to like it. It smelt very fishy, didn’t look appetizing or appealing. It was a huge piece of fish served on the unphotogenic brown side. Trout is really not a nice tasting fish. I didn’t like this dish and could not force myself to finish it. Again, this was a complicated dish with flavours that didn’t really blend well together. 


Mains are served with a side of salad leaves and roast potatoes to share which is more than enough for two people. 


I had the guava and hazelnut crumble with guava ripple ice cream for dessert which was very sweet. The icecream didn’t taste remotely like guava.


We also had the banana napoleon with caramel, custard, banana and white chocolate which was a take on peanut butter and banana. This was better than the guava crumble.


I loved the fireplace which warmed the place up and provided a cosy atmosphere. 


We celebrated our fourth anniversary on the night. 


The night was extra special because we signed the papers to purchase our house. 


Our waiter Abby was really friendly. I wish that you could have the same waiter for the entire night for a better service. We didn’t get our petit fours unlike the other tables which I am sad about.


I was spoilt with a beautiful card and a luggage tag from Louis Vuitton which I got hot stamped with the letter S 🙂


And I got gorgeous red roses delivered and a second card. Spoilt, I know!


Overall I was left feeling seriously underwhelmed by the food. I didn’t like the flavours and became easily bored with my food. Although the ambience was lovely, it still remained an expensive dinner for average food. 

Ring: (011) 341 0282
Hop: Ten Bompas Hotel, 10 Bompas Road, Dunkeld

Wine & House,


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