The Girl on the Train Book Review

If you haven’t heard about this book then I am not sure where you have been sleeping because it has certainly been the most hyped up book of the year. It has been cited as the next Gone Girl (which I loved) and is rated 3.9/5 on Good Reads. I bought into the hype expecting a riveting crime story but was sadly disappointed. The style and story is similar to Gone Girl in the sense that a woman is missing and we see the story through current time and flashbacks of the three main female characters.

Firstly, Rachel is an alcoholic who takes the exact same train in and out of London everyday. The train stops at a signal for just enough time to offer her a glimpse into a suburban couple’s life. She starts fantasizing about their lives, what they do and even gives them names. From her view point on the train their life seems perfect until she witnesses Meghan having an affair with an unknown man.

Meghan our second female lead in the book is an unhappy housewife who is cheating on her husband and visiting a psychologist to deal with issues that isn’t revealed to us just yet. 


Lastly there is Anna who is married to Rachel’s ex husband. They had an affair before getting married and are now raising a child together. Her life isn’t happy as she has to live in the same house Rachel did, is constantly harassed by Rachel and fears for the safety of her child. Anna also lives a few doors down from Meghan who worked as her nanny for a brief period.

The day after Rachel witnessed Meghan kissing a man who wasn’t her husband, Meghan is reported missing. Rachel has vague memories of visiting her ex husband the same night Meghan went missing. She doesn’t remember if she saw Meghan as she blacked out from drinking and woke up with a cut on her head. Rachel is left with the predicament of whether she should go to the cops and let them know Meghan was having an affair. 

The real crux of the book is did she see Meghan and what might have happened to her or was she responsible for her disappearance or was it just a coincidence? All three characters were weak, annoying and whined. With so few characters and so little character development it was obvious to me from early on who the villain was. This book didn’t draw me in like a good book should, I didn’t like the style of writing and felt no need whatsoever to find out what happened to Meghan. It was mess of a book and certainly no Gone Girl.
Girls & Trains,


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