Urbanologi is the latest addition contributing to making the inner city cool. When you eat out as much as I do, new restaurant launches is something to get excited about. Reservations can be done online which makes me so very happy. 


Mad Giant is the name of the brewery on site. Crisp, sunny Winter days make for beautiful photos, don’t you think?


The industrial look is both pleasing on the eye and unique.


I love the electic mix of decor with funky chandeliers, retro red & green seating, industrial pipes and wall murals. 


The wall murals are so different to the decor I usually see. They really transform the space. 


I absolutely loved the crockery which looks strikingly gorgeous against the dark wood. 


Long tables with bar stools offer a more casual dining set up where you might not know your neighbour. Its cool that they have utilized normal bar stools as well as the mini bar stool hybrids.


An open plan kitchen affords you the opportunity to catch the chefs at work.


There is also plenty of space to sit outside in a just as pretty setting.


The industrial look is all thanks to the brewery Mad Giant on site. The décor is great although the restaurant has such high ceilings that it tends to be rather cold.


The food is categorized on the menu by their different styles of cooking – fried, kushiyaki, cured, frozen and raw. This reminded me of how Pot Luck Club does things. 

 Oyster, Yuzu and charred mandarin for R32 was a gorgeous looking dish but didn’t convince my friend to jump on the oysters bandwagon. The price was also expensive for just one oyster.


Deep fried potatoes with seaweed emulsion for R35. The potato wedges were perfectly cooked but I didn’t like the taste of the seaweed emulsion.


Whey cured Yakitori chicken wings with Urbanologi Ssamjang for R70 had a strange taste and was also burnt. This dish went to waste as we couldn’t force ourselves to finish something so yucky – see what I did there?


Majoram cured lamb rib kushiyaki, French oak wood teriyaki, and roast apple for R120. The lamb rib was okay but mainly consisted of fat. I would have preferred a potato mash to the apple puree and the price was just ridiculous.


Steamed Brioche with truffle creme and toasted potato skin salt for R30 was delicious. I could have done without the truffle creme which tasted like melted mum remembered Melrose cheese.


Flame roasted sweet potato with Buffalo milk Labneh and crispy sweet potato for R58. The sweet potato dish shouldn’t be ordered without the pork because without it, this dish was below average and didn’t have the flavours as the chef probably intended it to have. I don’t have anything profound to say about a dish that was really just sweet potato.


The tuna tataki with pickled octopus, raw turnip with wasabi and lime dressing for R75 had good clean light flavours.


I even liked the decor in the bathroom. Look at how awesome it is!


Janez was filming a show segment while we were lunching so of course we couldn’t resist a selfie.


We also tried the pale ale which was very bitter.


The girls tasting their baby beers.


Instead of sweets you are given some pretty bitter beer jellies to end the meal of. These left us with a horrible taste. Innovative, yes. Great tasting, hell no.


The menu is very small and meat focused with a few vegetarian dishes that are exactly the same as a meat dish with just the meat left off. There are a lot of beef/meat dishes on the menu which we didn’t eat but I believe is the reason people love the food here. Given that it is a small tapas menu I hope that the dishes will change more frequently.

Service from our waitress was disinterested, she didn’t explain the pairing properly or the beer you could order. Although some of the dishes were average I wouldn’t order any of the dishes again or want to return any time soon to eat the food. It is such a beautiful restaurant that I wouldn’t be able to resist returning for a drink though. 

Click: http://www.urbanologi.co.za/
Ring: (011) 492 1399
Hop: 1 Fox Precinct

Urban & Beer,


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