The Big Mouth Review

The Big Mouth is one of the newest additions to Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton. The décor is supposed to be art deco but it doesn’t really leave you with that impression. There is a small amount of space to sit inside which also has a sushi table. This space is beautifully decorated with plenty of light, glass walls, lovely use of plants as well as the decor matching. The other half including the outside section with its blue booths looks like a bad interior of a ship or a cheap seafood establishment. It could have had an art deco look if they left it at just the black, marble and gold colour combo. We were seated on a little table for two with barely enough space for anything which made it uncomfortable.

The warm complimentary bread tasted smokey from being baked in the charcoal oven. One of their must eat menu items are the salmon tacos with avocado, creme fraiche, toasted sesame seeds, red cabbage and vinagrette for R122 which really is delicious. I couldn’t say the same about the beer battered hake for R125 which had a thick, unappetizing batter and a strange tasting tartare sauce. It was the worst battered fish I have eaten. I would rather eat Ocean Basket’s or even Fishaways for a fraction of the price. The only positive thing I can say is that it came with a ton of chips. The patrons next to us ordered burgers which they didn’t seem impressed with as it was dry and made from a similar bread to the complimentary one. I loved that we received caramelized popcorn instead of mints to end the meal off.

Our waiter was friendly but I don’t think he understood the menu well enough to recommend anything. Overall I think it more a sushi place even though you can find a bit of everything on the menu. The small plates are a nice option but rather pricey. Having only enjoyed half our meal at their high prices, I don’t consider myself impressed – yet.

















Big & Mouth,


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