7 things stupid people don’t understand about designer handbags 

While the title of the post and contents refer to handbags it can be applied to most things you can purchase. Also yes, I get that this post can be seen as hypocritical in telling someone not to do certain things while at the same time saying everyone should be able to do as they please. But it isn’t okay when doing so is at the detriment of others which is why this is my solution to being forced into a narrative I didn’t ask to be included in. And stupid people are funny and I like making fun of them, especially when they don’t know they are stupid.

1. It’s not your money. It is not your life. It doesn’t affect you. It is none of your business. Lets be honest we all judge, all the time. But be a dear and keep it to yourself unless asked. Or write a passive aggressive blog post like I do. It is best you take your ugly nose out of my business and don’t come for me unless I send for you.

2. It’s all relative. I find it extremely funny to have to explain this to educated professional people because well let’s be honest you can have a degree and still be as dumb as fuck. To someone who has nothing, what someone else takes for granted might seem expensive or wasteful. No two individuals will earn exactly the same and spend in exactly the same way. As such these comparisons are just pointless. What’s a large some of money is relative to your earnings, savings and spending habits. If you must compare maybe compare yourself to someone more on your level.

3. I could never spend that money on a handbag comment. No one is asking you to. No one is suggesting you should. This comment opens you to a whole litany of judgements. Well honey, where do I even begin? You spend the same amount of money on exercise and still have love handles; you spend more on a cellphone which you discard after two years; you spend more in two months rent, you probably spend that equivalent on clothes for a few months or maybe even on your car. Just because you spend money in smaller amounts doesn’t make it less expensive. A handbag is equivalent to a R30 habit a day for a year, the same as coffee, cigarettes or lunch except you have it for a lifetime.

4. The fake concern that other people will think it’s fake.  The only time this would be a cause of concern is if your handbag is actually fake. Then it shouldn’t matter because it is the truth. If you have the real thing chances are you bought it for you and don’t care what other people think. Why would I care about the opinion of someone that doesn’t have the knowledge to tell the difference? Someone who doesn’t know handbags shouldn’t be commenting on an item’s authenticity. I wouldn’t go to dentist to ask about heart advice. It is also really funny that you mention fake because then I would mention the horrendous fake unnatural hideous streaks in your hair.

5. Hierarchy exists everywhere.  Unless you are one of the richest people in the world; in which case you wouldn’t be reading this silly blog post; there is always going to be someone richer than you or at a different level in life. It’s like judging a person for driving a BMW when all you can afford/your personal taste is why you drive an Atos. Or in handbag terms, the one with a Mr Price bag judges the one with the Forever New Bag who judges the one with the Louis Vuitton bag who judges the one with Chanel. We live in a consumerism world. If that wasn’t the case you would buy the cheapest, possibly ugliest thing that gets the job done. If the need is to eat food to survive why do you turn your nose up at groceries that are from Pick n Pay/Checkers because it isn’t Woolies? Why do you choose to buy a certain brand because it will last longer than something cheaper? Why is not okay for me to buy a handbag that I know will last a lifetime and become vintage when your handbag needs replacing every year? Just because it’s a handbag and not something you place any value on doesn’t mean the same logic ceases to apply.

6. Different things make different people happy. People place values on different things. Some people buy a car, some people go on holidays, some people love eating out, some people shop and some people all of the above. How boring would it be if we are all the same. Everyone has an expensive something that they splurge on and probably doesn’t make sense. Don’t judge me because it’s different to yours.

7. Jealousy makes you nasty, nasty makes you ugly, ugly makes you unhappy. If you know someone and are close to them, you would probably be happy if something makes them happy, whatever that might be. If that isn’t the case or if the person is a stranger then the only reason for your comments is that you must be unhappy and jealous. Because if not then what someone does with their life shouldn’t affect you. So rather put a stop to your comparisons, jealousy and forcing your opinions down people’s throats and learn to be happy.

I leave you with the not so profound words of “do you boo”. *Snaps fingers, and sashays of with Louis Vuitton in tow.




Designer & Opinions,


2 thoughts on “7 things stupid people don’t understand about designer handbags 

  1. This post was such a lol…and I wholeheartedly agree. I hate negative nancy’s who make such unnecessary comments about other people’s lives when it really doesn’t concern them. Enjoy your LV bag 🙂

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