Lush The Comforter Shower Cream & Salted Coconut Hand Scrub Review

Lush describes The Comforter Shower Cream as a cuddle in a bottle with assuring cypress essential oils, sweet cassis absolute and uplifting bergamot oil to create a blackcurranty aroma. I love the cheeky message on the bottle which reads if you really don’t know how to use it, then we suggest you find someone you really like and invite them into the shower with you to demonstrate. If you are a newbie Lushie then there is a 100% chance that the first item you will buy is the comforter bubble bar. It’s the Lush product with the most raves, reviews and the one that the sales staff will most likely recommend. I personally love the comforter bubble bar for it’s gorgeous strong blackcurrant scent.


When The Comforter Shower Cream hit the South African stores last year I knew I had to pick up a bottle. I wasn’t sold by what I sniffed in store but still stupidly bought the big 500ml bottle for R295. Let’s be honest, that’s really expensive for a shower cream. The most exciting thing about it the rich pink colour of the cream and the pink tinged foam it creates. It didn’t smell like the comforter bubble bar to me but rather quite similar to grape cough medicine. Luckily the scent has no staying power whatsoever and doesn’t last long. Much like other Lush shower gels you need to use quite a bit of product and it doesn’t foam as much. Overall I didn’t like this shower cream and regretted paying so much for something so average.


Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub is a creamy coconut and sea salt scrub perfect for keeping your hands in tiptop condition. I heard the word coconut and bought it. Firstly it is a strange product for me as I don’t think you need a special scrub for your hands and I struggle to remember to use it. The scrub doesn’t really smell like coconut as it is fragranced with the smell of gorse. It resembles a sweet nutty fragrance which lingers long after you have rinsed it off. You can either apply to wet hands or dry hands for a rougher cleanse. The consistency is very dry and for lack of a better word, scrubby. My hands are left feeling super smooth afterwards. What I liked about this scrub is that it didn’t dry my hands out. This is because while the sea salt acts as an exfoliant, the coconut oil hydrates. The price of R160 for 135g is expensive considering it does what any other scrub would do for double the price. 

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