Tortellino D’Oro

Tortellino D’Oro is the type of restaurant you should visit if you are looking for authentic Italian cuisine with exceptional service. I loved that the complimentary nibbles were a glass of Prosecco, zucchini fries and bread with dips. The zucchini fries would have been perfect if they were served hot.


The restaurant is quite small and popular so you definitely should make a booking. I didn’t like the outside or deli seating but most people seemed happy to be seated there. The main section of the restaurant is cosy and intimate, perfect for a date.


The bread was okay but I didn’t like the dips which had a strange oil after taste.


To start we shared the mussels special with tomato, Italian parsley, garlic and white wine for R115. I loved that they already shared the portion into two bowls for us. The sauce was delicious and the mussels exceptionally plump like I have never eaten before. We were also given a finger bowl and bibs. Our waiter even cleaned the table afterwards and placed a napkin over a stain so we wouldn’t mess our clothes. I have seriously not received service like this anywhere else before.


For mains I had the summer pasta with pesto, cherry tomatoes and roquette for R115. It was extremely salty and I sent it back without any issue. Overall I didn’t like this type of pasta or the taste of the pesto. I think a spaghetti would have been better than this macaroni style that was served.


We also had the spinach and ricotta cannelloni with the mushroom and cream sauce for R125. It was yummy but mainly had a very rich butter taste. The mains were quite expensive considering they didn’t have any meat in them.


We were unfortunately too full after all that food to have dessert. The ice cream served in a bowl of ice is definitely something to try here.


Like I have mentioned before, service from our waiter was exceptional. The owner/manager however seemed a little rude. We mentioned we had a booking which she couldn’t find. A waiter did and showed us to our table. After being seated for a while, she told us we couldn’t sit there without a booking. I thought this a little rude as we did have a booking and it could have been checked before approaching us. The people next to us had to leave because the table they were seated at was reserved. I feel that this is clearly a booking process problem and shouldn’t be made the customers problem.


Overall the food was average for me. This wouldn’t be a restaurant that is at the top of my list if I feel like Italian. The service and attention to detail do make it a lovely spot to visit.

Ring: (011) 483 1249
Hop: Oaklands shopping centre, Corner Pretoria Road & Victoria Street, Melrose

Prosecco & Pasta,


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