7 times I find myself rolling my eyes

If you met me you would realize that I tend to roll my eyes a lot to show annoyance / exasperation / boredom / disdain, you get the picture. So I decided a little blog post was in order on the exasperating habits of people that I find myself rolling my eyes to. Note: No eyes were hurt in the making of this post.

1. Every time a person decides a restaurant is just simply fabulous because they had an amazing steak there. What’s wrong with that you say? I can’t trust people who only ever order steak and don’t actually know what other food tastes like. I also don’t listen to people who only order steak when they not paying. Lastly I highly doubt you can be a steak expert if you have loved it every single place you have eaten at. Basically if you are someone obsessed with just a slab of meat don’t try and tell me your stupid recommendations based on that. I mean you can, but my eyes will just laugh at you. 


2. When I see yet another person doing an MBA I am sure to roll my eyes just a little before hitting like and being happy for them. I can’t say exactly why. Maybe it’s because people lie about why they are doing it. Just own up and say you want a year off from working. Maybe it’s because people think they are better than others. Maybe it’s because practically everyone does it these days it’s just so common. Maybe it’s because you would progress so much more if you invested the same amount of time and energy in your current job. Maybe it’s because I am jealous that I have no ambition to do one. Whatever the reason cue rolling eyes on my part. 


3. Every time people are so far up their own arse you just have to hear about them the whole time. I have been stuck in conversations with friends where I have literally been asked nothing about my life. Not a general how are you / work / family / health / fiancĂ© / wedding planning / house hunting / travel plans / anything. I just have try very hard to stop the constant bored eye rolling on my part.


4. Referring to Heritage day as Braai day. It grates me so much that people can reduce such an important public holiday to just about braaing.


5. Denying that white privilege and sexism still exists. This doesn’t just make me roll my eyes, it makes me absolutely livid especially when it’s coming from young, educated people who should be the future of this country. Even worse is that they don’t even realize what they are saying is both racist and sexist.  


6. The year is 2016 and people are still doing stupid nomination challenges on Facebook. If you want to post something just bladdy well post it. I especially hate the not so Oscar worthy speech thanking someone for nominating them. Excuse me while my eyes roll so far back in my head I can’t see anymore. 


7. Whenever someone announces they are going off social media I have to stop my eyes from rolling right of my face. It’s just so stupid and attention seeking because a) it never lasts & b) if people have your contact details Facebook will not be the first point of contact.


Eyes & Rolls,


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