Tapas at L’Opulence

L’Opulence is one of those places that isn’t quite sure what it is. The idea seems to be a place to drink and party. So I’m really not sure why they are open during the day. The rope and name would indicate some sort of exclusivity but there is nothing to coroborate that except for the steep prices.


Situated in Sandton City along an arb corridor, there doesn’t seem to be anything opulent about its location. The space is quite small with a bar and few tables lined along the couch. Outside seating provides you with a lovely view of the shops in the shopping mall. The small tapas only menu hasn’t changed since it opened last year. I would not have known it had existed if it were not for the Entertainer app. I also most certainly would not pay full price for any of the tapas.


Pan fried haloumi, smoked chilli and roasted pepper dressing served on a garlic and herb crostini for R70. This was probably one of my favourites on the menu. I loved the smokeyness if the sauce. The price was steep for a few slivers of haloumi.


Yakatori chicken satays, coconut, lemongrass, red curry cream and roasted peanuts for R70. I was not a fan of the thick cubes of chicken or the spicy flavour which didn’t go with the sauce. This was more a chicken skewer than satay.


Japanese inspired tiger prawns with a panko, coconut and five spice crust served with a coriander and lime mayonnaise for R65. I expected this to be a winning dish but the batter was average, prawns were not cooked properly and the flavour of the lime mayonnaise just didn’t taste right.


Classic American chicken wings with a smokey chipotle barbeque glaze and blue cheese dip for R65. The glaze just didn’t do it for me on this one, I found myself forced to finish this instead of enjoying it.


Soft shell taco topped with chargrilled lemon and herb chicken fillet, avocado, coriander, sour cream and green chilli dressing for R70. This was a dish with clean, simple, fresh flavours. I didn’t detect a hint of chilli so would have loved a sauce to add to it.


Salmon sushi stack with black and white sesame rice, julienne cucumber, warm panko avocado, wasabi mayo and teriyaki for R80. This was essentially deconstructed sushi. I loved the concept of the crumbed avocado. The salmon didn’t have flavour and the quantity of rice was overpowering compared to reat of the components. I think I would prefer sticking to normal sushi.


Trio of sliders: Asian sesame chicken with crunchy vegetable slaw; Meditterean lamb with tzatziki and tomato relish, Pulled pork with pickle and a smokey barbeque sauce. I liked the sliders although they are not on the same level as those at a burger place.


Slow braised karoo lamb pie with truffle cauliflower puree, roasted baby carrots and rosemary jus for R85. I didn’t like the cubed pieces of meat which weren’t tender enough for me or the flavour of the jus. The fiance enjoyed this more than I did.


This is the type of bar you sit down at given the sofa like bar stools. There is also a small smoking area situated at the end.


You can find plenty of beautifully plated dishes on the menu here. The weird set up, average taste and steep prices don’t make it a place to visit for the food. Drinks are also very expensive. It’s a place people visit because they believe it makes them better than others. If you are that type of person who believes in paying extra money just for the sake of it, then give it a go.

Opulence & Tapas,


2 thoughts on “Tapas at L’Opulence

  1. Before I even read your review, I was put off this place – by the name, and by your accurate statement of it not knowing what it wants to be. Any place that name itself after opulence can die imho. I also cannot stand places that overcharge just because they think they look fancy…it doesnt – it looks like an airport slow lounge.

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