Salsa Mexican Grill Review

Salsa Mexican Grill is a new addition to the Parkhurst strip. This is the second branch with the first calling Bryanston home. I was super glad that I didn’t have to trek all the way to Bryanston to get a taste of their Mexican food. 

There is a mix of seating options outside with couches, bar stools and chairs. I love the colourful print the couches are decorated in.

Bar stools offer a little more casual dining experience.

The decor is predominantly wood with a splash of colourful touches. How cute are those sombrero hats on the wall?!

The space on the inside is a little oddly shaped and small. We had no problem walking in for lunch but you definitely would need to make a booking for dinner. 

The light fittings made with tequila bottles are definitely cool.

How pretty is that smile from one of the kitchen staff 🙂 The open plan kitchen means you can watch the action. It does resemble more of takeaway than restaurant kitchen though. 

Bright and colourful ingredients on display. You can either choose to build your own food or have one of the already thought out options. We decided on the latter as we expected to be better than something we concocted up and it is generally also cheaper.

We ordered the jalepeno poppers for R35 as a starter. They were extremely hot. I also prefer a more solid filling than one the completely liquid and melted that this had.

The fish taco in a hard shell with beer battered hake, brown and wild rice, chopped buttered lettuce, chopped red cabbage, pico de gallo and sprinkled goats cheese for R69 did not look appetizing. In this case looks were not deceiving as it was dry, bland and overpowered by the taco which was the only thing that had any taste. 

The chicken burrito with chicken strips, brown and wild rice, buttered lettuce, chopped tomato and cucumber, caramelized red onion, butternut and a sprinkle of Danish feta wrapped in a tortilla  for R64 had a little more taste but the flavours were not a winning combination. The sweetness of the onions came through but that’s about it.

When in fake Mexico you have to order a margarita. And that I most certainly did. The blood orange margarita for R52 was just okay. I expected there to be more flavour and would rather opt for a normal one. There are also three virgin cocktails of which the mojito for R35 is syrupy sweet. 

I also tried the jalepeno watermelon margarita for R54 as it was the most unusual and unique drink on the menu. I found it so weird to drink  something that was jalepeno flavoured. My preference is sweet drinks so these didn’t hit the spot for me. The two other flavours I didn’t try are pineapple & chilli and Tipo Tinto rum & raspberry. They are also all available in jugs.

You can’t visit without trying any of their homemade flavoured tequilas for R28. The options are mixed berries, watermelon & cucumber, mango & basil, mint & pineapple, lemon & ginger, chilli & jalepeno, orange & habenero, gingerbread, toasted caramel, coffee & vanilla.

I tried the mint and pineapple tequila which was just as difficult for me to drink as normal tequila. There was no pineapple flavour, just the slice on the top which is a little misleading.

I also found that although we had ordered three items between the two of us we were still a little hungry as the portions aren’t huge and sides are ordered separately. The fiancĂ© was ready to give up on Salsa at this point but I convinced him to have the nachos. I’m so glad I did because the nachos for R79 were amazing. You can even be happy with it just on its own without the sour cream as an added R9 extra. I love the feta and origanum that was sprinkled on top. You can also add chicken, mince or jalapeños as an extra. 

I couldn’t help snapping this picture of the ground floor from above. 


The service was friendly especially from the managers. You can tell when someone loves their job and it makes a difference to your experience. 

Overall I loved, loved the nachos and the service was great. The other food was unmemorable but I will so be back for those nachos.

Ring: (011) 027 2572
Hop: 38, 4th Avenue, Parkhurst

Tequila & Nachos,


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