Skoon. Skincare Review

Skoon. Skincare is a lovely local South African brand. Their products are natural, organic and ethically made. Add to that the beautiful packaging and deliciously scented products, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be rushing to place an order. I filled out a skin assessment online and they sent me these five generously sized sample products to try. 

The Elderflower Regulating Toner costs R345 for 100ml but has been recalled for reformulation due to customers experiencing flushing and tingling. I am not used to a spritzing toner but I quite enjoyed the change which left my skin cool, refreshed and hydrated. I think I would prefer the floral variant as the elderflower scent wasn’t up my alley. The spray mechanism was not something I perfected using. Half the time I would get a light mist and other times I was hit in the face with a stream of toner. This was probably more out of my own stupidity than anything else though. 

125ml Purifying Clay Cleanser costs R355. What I like about this product is that it is a gentle cleanser which doesn’t excessively strip your skin dry but still manages to clean it thoroughly.  The clay is soft, creamy and sweet scented. You apply it on damp skin and it washes off very easily. Although not how the product is intended to be used, I also liked applying it on dry skin as a mask.

Beauty Aid Cream phyto red costs R650 for 50ml. It is recommended for sensitive, fragile, very dry and veined skin formulated with key intercellular lipids, Balloon Vine Extract (nature’s cortisone) and high anti-oxidant Rooibos. This is a product that’s ideal for very dry skin as it is very rich and moisturizing. The Rooibos scent is soothing but this does leave your skin a little greasy. My recommendation would be to use it to target dry areas only or use it at night. I also noticed that the oil seperates from the rest of the cream.

White Cloud Manuka Concentrate costs R525 for 15ml. This is not to be confused as an oil as it is an emollient to help reduce breakouts while still nourishing your skin. You use it by mixing in a few drops with your moisturizer as needed. I love the scent and that it doesn’t burn like some facial oils tend to do. 

Ruby Marine Overnight Hydrating Mask costs R420 for 30ml. It smells so amazing I am definitely tempted to eat it. I slather it on at night and wake up with soft skin in the morning. The delicious scent is the combination of the organic coconut, wildflower honey and natural vanilla ingredients. 

Prescription Peptide Cream resembles a potent turmeric conconction. I applied this at night and worried about it staining my pillow. It did no such thing and I woke to smoother and brighter skin. This is currently not available to purchase.

My favourites which I would like to buy full size versions of are the clay purifying cleanser, overnight hydrating mask and peptide prescription cream. Other products I have my eye on are the hot cloth cleanser and vanilla & blood orange/fragnipani flowers solid body oil.

You can purchase Skoon online here:

Skoon & Clean,


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