RocoMamas Review

RocoMamas has popped up everywhere in the last few months. I couldn’t ignore it for any longer and stopped for lunch at Rosebank. This branch is small and always busy so we had to wait to get a table.


The bright and loud orange decor resembles Hooters or Hogshead. It doesn’t exactly beckon you to go eat here. The Rosebank branch has a very small inside section so it’s more likely you will sit outside akin to a picnic bench style of eating. I loved that each diner is presented with a page to tick the options for their build your own burger. The menu offers you just three meal options: burgers, ribs and wings.


Burger options come in either beef, chicken or vegetarian with 7 options to choose from. The much more interesting meal is to build your own burger by choosing from the 21 toppings and sauce choices available. I liked that this lets you choose exactly what you want on your burger. This might however be dangerous as you could end up with a burger whose end result resembles the size of a Duke’s burger at a costly price. A standard burger with just tomato, red onion and RocoMayo will cost you R39. I found the topping prices very reasonable at around R6 for most options.


Their unique selling point is that they offer smashburgers. To be honest I don’t understand how this is different to a normal burger elsewhere. I ordered a chicken burger with added jalapeno (R5), caramelized onions (R6) and chilli mayo (R3). The chicken patty here is made from mince which I didn’t like. It was small, tasteless, lacked substance and overwhelmed by the toppings. I would recommend giving the chicken burger a skip here.


The bf ordered the Chilli Cheez Bomb with smashed beef, bacon, cheez bomb, mozzarella, aged cheddar, fresh chilli and chilli mayo For R64. He quite enjoyed his burger especially the mayo and thought it on par with the other burger places. Currently the burger rankings are Hudsons, the Wolfpack and Dukes/Rocomamas bringing up the rear. The shoestring fries were dismal for a place that specializes in burgers and fries. They weren’t cooked properly and I didn’t like the seasoning.


Service was average. We had to wait a little bit as our fries weren’t served at the same time as our burgers. This is a casual dining spot with reasonable prices to satisfy your burger craving. I personally see this as one level up from a takeaway spot, it is owned by Spur after all.

Smash & Burgers,


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