7 Annoying food trends 

1. Balsamic reduction over everything. I don’t know how this ever became a thing. It’s sickly sweet, sticky and doesn’t complement the food. The only place for balsamic anything is the vinegar kind in a bottle on the table. There is also the dessert equivalent of sprinkling icing sugar over everything which is infinitely worse. 

 2. Lindt in dessert. I love Lindt as much as the next person does but why are people ruining perfectly good chocolate by deforming it and adding it to dessert where people can’t even tell it is Lindt?

3. Combination foods. I can’t keep up with the cronuts, doughssants, cannonut, cruffin and who knows what else is out there. I wish for all things sweet to be simple again. 

4. Massive overpriced milkshakes. The only thing this is good for is an Instagram post. You can’t finish it by yourself, it tastes just okay, contains an overload of calories, leaves you phlegmy and costs over R100 bucks!

5. Macarons. For me it is Pierre Herme (preferably in Paris) or nothing. No, not even Laduree. I thought this would die off the same way the red velvet and rainbow cake did, but no. Everyone wants macaroons. MACAROONS. It’s macarons you idiots! Even more disturbing are people who sell/make them and don’t know the difference. 

6. Cold pressed juices. I’m sorry but I haven’t drunk the magic juice to believe this is going to solve all my problems while making me amazingly healthy and beautiful. The veggie juices might be okay but the fruit juices are packed with sugar. And yes even natural sugar in high quantities can be bad for you. Why people don’t skip the overpriced juice and eat a fruit or vegetable is beyond me. Oh wait, they don’t make for beautiful Instagrams and Snaps. 

7. Mediocre market food. I am quite over the Johannesburg market scene as the exact same food vendors are at all the markets. Long queues, expensive prices, small portions, average taste and boring food has left me finding a food fix at a restaurant for the same price rather.

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5 thoughts on “7 Annoying food trends 

  1. Almost 100% agree with you 🙂 I use balsamic glaze for flavouring my food…oven baked salmon, to baste chicken pieces which I then chargrill. It’s a lovely flavour – and then, macarons…perhaps I am biased and, to be honest, I only ever buy them when I am in France, but they are divine and I always look forward to them 🙂

    • Have only had balsamic drizzled over food and the plate in restaurant. Balsamic basted chicken does sound lovely though! Also do love macarons, ones in SA are not that great. You must try Pierre’s ones if you haven’t already 🙂

      • Balsamic as a baste is totally lovely – definitely give it a bash if you like cooking. When I’m next in Paris, I’ll find Pierre’s and taste his macarons for sure….they are weakness 🙂 have a good evening x

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