The Great Eastern Food Bar 

The Great Eastern Food Bar offers you flavour packed food packed that will set you taste buds into overdrive.

IMG_8775 (2)

We visited mid afternoon but had to be out before the dinner crowd. You do need to make a booking for dinners as it’s quite the popular place at the moment.


Oriental print, wire chairs and the use of yellow make for a classy quirky entrance. Overall the decor doesn’t really flow throughout the space.


The interior of the restaurant reminds me a little too much of school and not necessarily in a good way.


I prefer the informal dining set up on bar stools outside with a view of Melville Koppies.


This corner was my favourite space at the restaurant. The asphalt serving plates were a little impractical in size.


The menu changes but expect to find gyoza dumplings, steamed buns, crispy scallion pancake and ramen noodle dishes.


My favourite dish by far was the sashimi tacos with trout ceviche, picked lemon and wasabi for R50. Light, delicious and packed with flavour makes this dish a favourite for anyone that visits.


We also tried the pickled shitake, cucumber and hoisin steamed bun for R60. I love mushrooms but the pickled taste was too overwhelming for me.


The ginger scallion noodles for R120 with thick ramen noodles, scallion and ginger oil, pickled shitake mushrooms, ginger and cucumber tasted quite similar to the steamed bun. I found the flavours too overpoweringly strong and punchy for my liking. I could taste sweet, sour and bitter in the dishes but not salty which I enjoy. The flavours were right up the boyfriend’s alley and he quite enjoyed it.


I love that it’s a different type of restaurant of its kind in Johannesburg both in set up and cuisine. If you aren’t such an adventurous eater you might want to stick to the trout or chicken dishes. Otherwise prepare for your taste buds to be tantalized and zinged.

Noodles & Dumplings,


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