Drinks with a view at Flames Restaurant

Flames restaurant at The Four Seasons Westcliff is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink while surrounded by gorgeous views of Johannesburg. The Westcliff’s peach buildings definitely form an iconic view that I never fail to notice on my drives in the area. If it’s a more casual and intimate experience you seek, try out Apres Spa which is situated on a lower level near the spa. 

Flames is reached after a short ride in a glass lift which had the prettiest decorations when we visited in December. I always believe you should look up because you never know what beauty you might find or are missing out. The outer section is shaded by umbrellas with a smaller lower level extension a few steps down from the main area. Open plan unshaded areas provide beautiful sky views. The look and feel of the restaurant is very clean and modern. I simply love that they have chosen rose gold cutlery. 

There is plenty of space to be seated indoors but that misses the point of visiting if you can’t appreciate the scenery. I love the view, you can see green for as far as your eyes can see. We ordered a strawberry daiquiri and whisky sour which came to R160 with tip. A disappointing part of the experience was the very slow service and generally being ignored for our time there. The meal prices range from reasonable to very expensive. I definitely will visit again for a light lunch or dinner while the weather is still warm and recommend you try it out. It’s an affordable way to glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous who stay here!










Click: http://www.fourseasons.com/johannesburg/dining/restaurants/flames/
Ring: (011) 481 6190
Hop: Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, 67 Jan Smuts Avenue, Westcliff

Drinks & Views,


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