7 tips to not get caught out in a lie 

Everyone tells little white lies. Then there are those that lie about anything and everything. Big or small. From the price they paid for an item to their social life to marital status (who lies about not being married right?). I often wonder if people start to believe their own lies to the point that it becomes the truth. Surely there a few corrupt nerves in your brain if this happens? Why people choose to lie instead of not answering a question is something I don’t understand. This post is about the compulsive liars who aren’t very good at their lies because people know that they are lying. They don’t know that everyone is on to them, listening simply to fuel their amusement and mockery of them. Being a good samaritan, I compiled a list of tips to help these liars out.

1. Do not have a co-conspirator. You can only really trust yourself to keep your mouth shut. All they have to do for the lie to unravel is tell one person and the house of lies will come tumbling down taking an embarrassed you with it.

2. Do not get defensive. I often find that people don’t get upset when approached about a false rumour. It’s the hidden truth which becomes public knowledge that makes them lash out. My advice when caught out is to laugh it off nonchalantly. There will be no worthy reaction noted to fuel the story and interest will be lost. 

3. Bring the lie up as false before others have a chance to. By doing this you are addressing not avoiding the issue, joking about it and establishing it as your version of the truth which will hopefully be accepted. 

4. Don’t post anything on social media. People can easily stalk you and find that your location, timing, photos or statuses contradict your lie. The best is to not be active on any social media forums. 

5. Write down details of the lie to keep your story consistent. It can be so confusing to remember who you told what to. This offers a solution until you are better qualified at lying. You can quickly remind yourself and avoid slipping up. If you are making notes on your phone, you better have it locked under a password. 

6. Ensure that there is no photographic evidence at all. When you see a camera hide. Your worst nightmare in pulling off a lie is at a public event or wedding. Those pictures will be up on Facebook for everyone to see irrespective of you being tagged or not.

7. And lastly the best tip I can give you is don’t lie in the first place! 

Lies & Liars,


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