Daleah’s lovely & hipster eatery

Daleah’s is a cute hipster café located in Braamfontein. Their coconut marshmallow cupcake and wooden board food presentation was reason enough for me to put it on my places to try list awhile back.


I love the mix matched furniture and minimalistic look. The brick wall, collection of mirrors, couches, hanging light globes and interesting art pieces makes for a unique and charming setting. 


This half of the restaurant resembles a very cool looking res common room. The free wifi, lovely ambience and cool decor makes it the perfect place for a meeting, work lunch or catch up with a friend.


Sadly there was no coconut marshmallow cupcake on the day I visited. If you not in the mood for breakfast or lunch there are always freshly baked cupcakes or a slice of cake to try out.


It is no secret that I absolutely love pesto pasta so my decision on what to eat was incredibly easy. I had the creamy pesto pasta with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and haloumi swopped out from the chicken for R76. I was so surprised and impressed that when I mentioned I didn’t want the chicken the waiter immediately offered to substiute it with haloumi. Strangely the sundried tomatoes had melted away in the pasta which isn’t a problem for me as I’m not the biggest fan. The pasta was yummy but the pesto seemed to be a very leafy mixed herbs concoction not just basil pesto based. I didn’t get anywhere close to finishing the very generous portion. Nice touches include the presentation on wooden boards and the individual portions of chilli and freshly grated parmesan. 


The chips which look homemade not packet fried were so delicious. They don’t have any sauces on the menu but happily whipped up this cheese sauce when asked and only charged R5 for it!

IMG_7986 (2)

The guys enjoyed their old school napolitana pasta for R68. I was really impressed with the quality of ingredients and it was easy to tell that the food is freshly prepared.


I love the courtyard area in the back with its beautiful wall planters. The menu is simple but there is plenty to like and choose from. There are five breakfast options with sandwiches, pastas and sliders rounding up the lunch meals. Specials for the day are written on the chalkboard menu. I was having serious food envy checking out the stuffed chicken breast someone else had ordered. 


The food did take a little while to arrive even though it wasn’t busy. This is something to bear in mind if you are hoping to visit for a quick lunch during the work week. The food prices are very reasonable, even the soft drinks will only set you back R12.

I definitely want to explore more of Braamfontein which has been transformed into a cool, hip, arty and happening place to hang out. Two of the hindering reasons I haven’t is the busyness on weekends and lack of parking. I snapped the picture below on our walk to the restaurant.


Daleah’s has the loveliest ambience with delicious reasonably priced food. Do make a plan to visit if you are in the area. I definitely love it more than an overpriced trip to Neighbourgoods market. 

Ring: (011) 403 0243
Hop: 6 De Beer Street Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Hipster & Café,


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