7 random thoughts 

1. I hate it when people don’t take care of themselves out of sheer stupidity only to then create a pity party about how sick they are. Complaining for 30 minutes about how tired you are because you choose not to sleep is an insult to those who have a chronic illness or suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Sleeping 4 hours a night so that you can study more is counter productive because your brain won’t remember what you studied.

2. Restaurant owners need to realize that when you review, rate or critique their food it doesn’t mean you want to send food back. Sometimes a dish doesn’t appeal to your palate or you just might not like it. It’s totally acceptable to say this because it will never be possible for every single person to love every single dish. The only reasons to send food back are for unwanted ingredients (hair, insects); uncooked food, over salted or the food has gone bad.

3. I find belly rings extremely common and freaky. Now I am not sure if it’s possibly because it draws your eye to a person’s belly button which 9 times out of 10 looks weird. Although this doesn’t compare to the eye sore that is empty facial piercing holes.

4. Every year on Diwali without fail I see a litany of complaints about fireworks. Let me firstly state that I don’t personally buy and light fireworks because I think they are a waste of money. My few thoughts on the matter are:
– Please stop being racist and also complain when fireworks are lit on New Years, Guy Fawkes and the events you get drunk out of your mind at.
– If you make mean, racist comments about people that light fireworks no one is going to think you are compassionate about animals. Instead you have just shown everyone what a sad, low level individual you actually are. It is possible to express your dismay in a healthy constructive manner without being a dick. I promise.
– Following on that point do you realize how silly it is to complain on social media? Do you honestly believe that your neighbours will see you dissing them on social media, feel bad and stop lighting fireworks?
– People who claim to be worried about dogs, you are only worried about your own dog because it’s your family right? Much like some people only care about the human lives that they are related to or those of their friends. Should people care for your family when you don’t care for theirs? Do you care about the stray dogs that don’t have a place to stay and are hit by cars everyday? Do you care enough to adopt and not buy a dog? Also I find the hypocrisy of people sickening. How do you claim to care about animals but gluttonously eat meat? Why is the treatment of some animals more important than others? Isn’t the supporting of caging, force feeding, abusing, inhumanely killing and stealing their babies just as bad if not worse than the lighting of fireworks?
– To those that do light fireworks stop being inconsiderate and breaking the law. Only light fireworks on days and hours that it is legal to do so.

5. If a DJ cannot play songs from the last two years not even Shumaya then he is automatically terrible. Also cover bands belong at bars not functions people want to dance at. The year is 2015, we don’t want to jam to your cover of Party Rockers.

6. I found the opening of H&M absolutely hilarious. From the exclusive VIP opening which over a thousand people had invites, to the bloggers taking selfies instead of pictures of the clothes the public wanted to see (we know what you look like, another selfie is really not necessary), and lastly the stupid people queuing and waiting overnight to buy H freaking M. How did people not realise its not a pop up store which will still be there in a week with the exact same clothes. Even funnier was the Balmain craze which most can’t even pronounce correctly. It doesn’t matter if you dropped 45k, is still H&M not Balmain. A special mention to the same people who then queued overnight for free R8.95 Krispy Kreme donuts. I guess at least these ones got something free, I can’t say the same for the Burger King queue idiots.

7. Why do people live tweet sports? It really is not necessary to tweet three times a minute. If you want to feel less lonely rather invite friends over or go to a pub. You don’t see news channels doing this, so why do you think its okay for you to do so?

Stupid & People,


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