7 thoughts on the attacks in Paris and the use of social media

The world, myself included is still reeling from the horror that took place on Friday the 13th in Paris. I had a few thoughts on what I have observed on social media which I thought I would share.

1. This is not the time to be posting your selfies/OOTD/pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. Attention seeking and narcissistic much? It shows us that you went to Paris and believe some likes and attention should be sent your way.

2. Auto-scheduled tweets should not be a thing. While following the unfolding of events on Twitter it pained me to see stupid, pointless and irrelevant tweets about shopping or celebrity news. It hurts your brand more during events like these than any overall gains you can hope to achieve.

3. People can be naive and gullible. Remember to think and verify before you tweet. Thousands of people were tweeting pictures from January in Paris. A little sense checking will go a long way. 

4. Spewing hate as a defense to hate doesn’t make you any better than those you are trying to condemn. 

5. I don’t agree with the pray for Paris messages because if it was simply a matter of praying we wouldnt be having such atrocities of murder, rape and violence. We need to act not pray or like/change pictures on social media. 

6. There are people that feed of these events to seek attention. I often feel this is yet another form of slacktivism. I changed my profile picture and therefore I made a difference and changed the world. I’m sure half the people on Facebook don’t even know why they are changing their picture.

7. It’s strange how as humans we are conditioned to react to only certain forms of violence but not others. We are so very desensitized to the every day killing of people that happens worldwide. While I believe our thoughts should be with the people in Paris why are we not also praying/able to change Facebook pictures/check safety of people in Beirut, Syria or Baghdad? Do we only care about certain Western European countries?

My heart bleeds for the lack of humanity and senseless violence in the world. I hope to see a day where there is peace and safety in all countries for all people not just a select few. 

Love & Light,



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