7 random thoughts

1. Frozen yoghurt needs to move over for juicing, the latest craze to hit the food scene. I think the froyo shops would be smart to convert to juice bars because it’s currently all the rage. Everyone who is anyone is doing a juice detox, specifically cold pressed juices. I don’t understand the logic behind these detoxes because I don’t think drinking only juice/water/tea for a few days is going to be beneficial. I tried cold pressed juices and I became bloated and sick. If it helps you fit in your daily five of fruit and vegetables, that’s great. Just remember that they can have a ridiculously high sugar content so do check those labels out and don’t be a sheep following every craze blindly.

2. While we are on the topic of sweet, let’s talk about sweeteners. Sweeteners are just as bad, if not worse for you than sugar. I would rather have a normal drink than a diet drink with added sweeteners. If you drink diet drinks because you like the taste then fine, but don’t kid yourself that they are better or healthier than a sugar version. They are both bad!

3. Why are there people on Facebook who like statuses about something bad? If someone was in an accident/ someone died, why on earth would you like a status about that?

4. I find it highly amusing how squeamish some men get when the word period is mentioned. There is nothing dirty about it guys, it’s just a little blood. Talking about it does not make it contagious. Also, isn’t it more embarrassing to buy condoms than pads/tampons? How can you be in a relationship and not be willing to do a drug store run for your girlfriend?

5. There has been mention of some retailers marking sale prices of clothes higher than the normal price. While I agree that this is wrong, if they had relabeled and the normal price was higher would you have felt better? Surely you look at an item and decide if you are willing to pay that price? The original price shouldn’t come into play.

6. I have found hell. Its located in a whatsapp group. The most annoying feature in recent years. I don’t see the point and find it to be annoying, time wasting and counter productive. People who enjoy whatsapp groups are those that probably have nothing better to do in their lives.

7. October 13th was “No Bra” day. One of the silliest campaigns I have seen in awhile and yet another example of slacktivism. Not wearing a bra is not going to save lives. I don’t think there is a need for awareness with regards to breast cancer anymore. There is a need for people to make an active difference that involves like helping out someone that has cancer, donating hair for a wig or getting tested. Lets stop with the silliness, the laziness and actually do something instead of pretending to make a difference.

Random & Thoughts,


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