Junipa’s Bistro

Bistros, especially ones containing a bakery on site are probably best visited during the day for breakfast or lunch. The fairy lights decorating the outside of this restaurant casts a very romantic and ethereal glow to the place. I hadn’t read any good reviews on Zomato but was swayed by the idea of a romantic dinner.


I loved the pizza oven and fairy lights projecting a warm, cozy, inviting and romantic ambience. It’s pretty right?


Sadly the décor inside did not match the outside with harsh lighting and empty spaces.


The French onion soup is served with sweet potato bread croutons topped with a mature cheddar cheese for R60. While the croutons were nice, the soup was thick, salty and tasted like a Royco special, which it probably was.


The calamari heads starter for R80 is served with a fresh garden salad and lemon butter sauce. I found the squid heads quite dry, the sauce was a miss but the salad was delicious. Both the portion and price was fit for a main.


I had the spinach pizza with tomatoes, peppers, red onion and mushrooms with the spinach swopped out for chicken for R85. This steered too far from a traditional pizza for my liking with the square shape and the crispy pizza base which was more bread than pizza. The tomato base was sour and the toppings kept sliding off.


The bf had the salami pizza topped with olives for R105 which he enjoyed. Pizza can be good even when average but it’s not a speciality here. 


There is also seating available in the bakery section, suited for breakfast and lunch time dining. 


The selection of baked goods look yummy, this is best a place to pop by for a slice of cake or croissant or two.


Service was average, even though the restaurant was not busy, we had to get our own menus and draw the attention of the manager as our waitress was disinterested. I ordered a freshly squeezed juice and was given a bottled juice variety charged at the higher freshly made prices.


We skipped dessert as the coconut panacotta we wanted was out of stock. I can only think of recommending this place for the bakery nothing else.

Click: http://www.junipas.co.za/
Ring: (011) 706 2387
Hop: Corner Hobart & Grosvenor Rd, Bryanston

Bistro & Bakery,


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