7 random thoughts

I hope you guys will like this new regular addition to the 7 things posts. My nature is that of an over thinker. It’s often painful for me to keep my thoughts to myself so I decided that writing would be a good outlet.

1. Probably the silliest thing I have heard in a long time is how student bank accounts pays 20% interest because they know students earn very little. I couldn’t believe stupidity like this exists because the bank statement clearly states that the 20% is overdraft interest. Furthermore even if you did believe this, a simple calculation would prove you wrong. If this was really the case everyone would open an account where they could earn a guaranteed 20% return.

2. The hypocrisy, superiority, narcissism, condescension and self importance when a person states that they only buy their clothes overseas all while wearing a pair of sissy boy jeans and an identity top makes me sick. I don’t see the point in buying clothes overseas unless it’s a designer brand we don’t get here. I find we get similar styles here for better quality and lower prices. Also given our exchange rate, higher VAT costs overseas, paying for extra baggage and not being able to return defective items doesn’t make it the shopping as fabulous as people make it out to be. There is however nothing wrong with choosing to buy overseas. What is wrong is the belittling of others in an attempt to make yourself feel better about whatever demons and issues you are facing. The reality is you are not fooling anyone because just like money can’t buy you style or class, overseas does not automatically mean it’s better. Forever New’s classy outfits will obviously never appeal to your tacky style that warrants studs on your tops.

3. Losing your cool because your family do not understand that they can only buy banting cheese for you to eat when you visit. With cottage cheese, cream cheese, hard cheese and soft cheese all included as banting friendly there is no need to be rude and get your back fat in a twist over cheese. Maybe if you ate some carbs it would make you less high strung and improve your rancid breath.

4. Doesn’t it annoy you when people think that they need to pity you because you stay at home and aren’t married? I don’t have enough words to explain how small minded this is and that it really isn’t anyone’s business but my own. People need to learn to be complete and happy on their own, finding someone to share that with is just a bonus. I am so perfectly content staying at home, not having to cook and clean, enjoying my paid off car and apartment all while involved in happy relationship. But do go on and tell me how my life sucks because I’m not married.

5. Eating badly but believing on green tea will get you skinny with abs to boot. I find the obsession with diet fads quite funny. There is no miracle drug/diet/drink. Eat healthy, exercise and aim to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.

6. Complaining about stores not allowing pets inside. I for one agree with the stores, if you let one person do it you have to let everyone else as well. It’s torturous enough having to deal with people in stores, now you want to throw pets into the mix as well?

7. I don’t get the offence in Nicole Arbours apparent fat shaming video. Comedians make fun about plenty of issues and people, no names were mentioned and singled out, so why is it fat shaming? Have we become so sensitive that we can’t own up to our own flaws and faults anymore and cry shaming/troll/-ism at anything that hurts our feelings? I think there are plenty of people on social media and in real life that say much worse but avoid the social media lynching because influential channels haven’t picked up on it.

Random & Rants,


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