7 annoying things people do on Snapchat

If I were Oprah, Snapchat would definitely feature on my favourite things episode. It has become my favourite social media app, trumping even Twitter and Instagram (everything trumps Facebook!). No favourite is perfect and each come with their own annoyances. I have listed a few things from people’s Snaps that annoy me.

1. Snap and drive. Now I’m not sure if people think that it is cool to do so or because it saves time. I am going to go with the former. I really couldn’t care less if you have no regard for your own life but think of how your carelessness could cost someone else theirs.

2. Dark poor lighting for photos and bad quality videos. Android users I am especially looking at you. Its time to switch to the bright side and buy an iPhone.

3. Mumbling. It’s painful to attempt to watch a video where you are swallowing your words and no one can hear you. 

4. Five minute content every single day. Unless you are in a foreign location no one wants to see the same daily snap routine of selfie, coffee, gym/exercise and scenic outside shot.

5. Using snapchat just to rant everyday. This becomes boring very quickly. It also gives you the appearance and personality of a complaining angry person – which you very well could be, but also could not.

6. Beginning every video with the same word. I have seen snaps where every video starts with “so” or “you guys”. It sounds like you are in high school.

7. Selfie snaps only. Narcissistic much? Save those multiple selfies for your bf/gf or new profile picture. Surely there are more interesting things to snap than your face all the time?

Ps I know I can unfollow people that annoy me, so please don’t feel the need to suggest that! You can follow me on Snap: curiousgirlblog. I promise to try and not do any of the above.

Snap & Chat,


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