MatsiMela body range

MatsiMela is a brand that I have never heard of before which is such a pity. I received these products as part of a spa package I went for at Mowana Spa and didn’t have any expectations at all.  Hands down my favourite thing about the brand is how amazing everything smells. I honestly feel that the scents trump even my much loved Body Shop favourites.


The Red Berry Body Butter is luxurious, smells amazing, is non greasy, sinks into your skin and has a lovely aerated almost whipped texture. I was surprised that I loved this more than The Body Shop body butter which is a firm favourite of mine.

Relax Extracts Salt Scrub contains notes of camomile and sandalwood to calm and soothe the mind. This scrub is perfect for those looking for an abrasive scrub, the fall out isn’t bad for a salt scrub and the scent is alluringly sweet. This leaves a film of oil that needs to be washed off and is too abrasive for me to use on my body. I do find it to be great as a foot scrub.


The Baobab Seed Kalahari Bath Soak uses the indigenous oil from the tree for its strong moisturizing properties to help prevent and cure dry skin conditions. I can’t tell if a bath soak really makes a difference but this does have a very sweet earthy scent.

I have super dry lips and most products do nothing for me. While the  Baobab Lip Butter with scents of Vanilla smells amazing it only does an average job at moisturizing.

Overall it is a brand that I like because the products feel quite natural and not laden with a million ingredients. The products smell really good with unusual scents you don’t typically find in a store. I am looking forward to trying out a few more body butter and scrub variants.

You can purchase MatsiMela products at Swani Spa or Mowana Spa.

Butter & Scrub,


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