Cozy & French: Red Rabbit French Grill

Red Rabbit French Grill is a modern pretty restaurant situated in Bryanston. While we seem to have plenty an Italian restaurant in SA, French restaurants are far and few between. Red Rabbit is the sister restaurant to Thomas Maxwell which I also love and have reviewed here. You can find a few dishes appearing on both menus.


There is superb attention to detail in the decor of the restaurant. I love the red checked table cloths which manage to look surprisingly modern and chic. It’s also rather clever that you can spot subtle rabbit decor items around the restaurant.


The space is light, airy and pretty. Any restaurant that incorporates wood so beautifully in the décor will be a favourite of mine. Red Rabbit is a type of restaurant that is cozy, French and ultimately perfect for a date.


I prefer sitting in the outside section but the indoor one is just as beautiful and intimate. There is even a private dining room you can book out for two people.


Picture perfect decorative tables add to the French theme. I really do love the set up, there isn’t a thing I would change.


The sweet tasting rolls are freshly baked and served with a generous helping of butter.


My strawberry daiquiri steered a little too far from the traditional sense with a dash too much lime juice. The second time it was barely drinkable. I recommend you give the cocktails a skip here. Fear not about the cocktails because there is plenty of wine and craft beer to choose from.


One of my favourite dishes is the mussels in a creamy garlic and lemon sauce which can be ordered as either a starter or main portion (R88/R158). Perfectly cooked mussels in a delicious sauce served with chips, I need not say more!


8 Queen prawns for R210 was presented in beautiful French inspired crockery. It is pricey but quality comes at a price. I initially thought that the prawns are grilled in a flavour of your choice but they are kept plainly grilled and served with your choice of salted butter, cajun butter or peri peri sauce. I asked for half cajun, half salted butter and was provided with two sauces at no extra charge.


I generally love the seasoned chips here. Skinny French fries are my favourite.


The basil pesto marinated chicken breast with truffle scented mash and mushroom cream for R88 is not exactly what the menu promised. The chicken breasts were BBQ flavoured served with a small portion of basil pesto on the side. This dish didn’t make sense, the sauce was bland and the mash was lumpy and lacked salted. I enjoyed the chicken but I really was expecting it to be smothered in basil pesto.


The duck pot pie filled with pulled roast duck, zucchini, carrots and a rich jus topped with a berry compote and golden puff pastry for R135. Let me save you disappointment up front and mention that pot pies only have a little pastry covering the top. The pie smelt quite funky but it had a wonderful balance of flavours. Truth be told, the meat could have been lamb inside the pie and I wouldn’t have known the difference.


Service has ranged from very excellent to good. A visit to Red Rabbit is always a pleasant dining experience. Expect a simple menu, good service, pretty decor and a romantic ambience.

Ring: (011) 706-1731
Hop: Nicolway Shopping Centre, William Nicol Drive, Bryanston, Sandton

Red & Rabbit,


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