7 reasons you probably aren’t in the “right relationship”

They say those that live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones. This post is about throwing stones back at those in glasshouses. What’s right for one person isn’t right for another. If you one of those annoying people that compares their relationship to others claiming to be in the “right relationship” and while others are not then best you read this post before you open your mouth next time.

1. You either post buzzfeed lists on why you are in the right relationship or quotes on what you do/don’t need in a relationship. What is wrong with this you ask? Do you need a list of items to tell you that you are in the “right relationship”? Do you need to put it on social media because your relationship can’t possibly be right unless everyone else knows? If it was right why there a need for justification and approval from others? It is also not very nice to passive aggressively tell your partner what to do/what you want. In the “right relationship” you should have good communication and speak about your issues openly surely?

2. You change your religious beliefs. In every relationship there is compromise but if you feel obliged to do this just to make your partner happy then that to me is them disrespecting you. You should be loved for who you are and not have to change for the sake of another human. Eating bacon (which is against your religion) to make someone else happy already points to an imbalance in your relationship.

3. His* nickname for you is mean but what he says behind your back is even worse. I wouldn’t date anyone that drags me down to my face or to others and certainly not someone that calls me stupid. That is the insult of all insults in my book.

4. He is cheap. In a modern world people generally split bills. If he however always insists on splitting bills, takes you on exercise dates where he doesn’t have to pay and you are always forking out more money despite him earning more than I’d say you have a little problem. There should be equal give and take in a relationship.

5. He is a commitment phobe. If he is chatting with you all day, sleeping with you and going out with you but takes ages to commit then you best believe he was looking for something better and then settled for you. I would rather be another persons first choice than someone’s last choice decision three years later. Furthermore if your relationship is a secret, you aren’t allowed to visit him at his place and anything you give him makes its way back to your home then ask yourself the question why is this the case?

6. Your family don’t approve. Now I know this is a difficult one in the LGBT community as often parents don’t approve because they want their kid to be “normal/straight”. Assuming this isn’t the case, parents disapproval is not usually without reason. It makes a relationship going forward very difficult.

7. You aren’t equals. If you the one that’s always making an effort, moving countries, not allowed to visit at his place, spending money and changing beliefs without the other person making an effort as equal then it just sounds to me that he isn’t into you as much as you are into him.

But hey, what do I know about being in a “right relationship”, sounds like you have a winner on your hands!

*Written in the perspective of a person dating a guy but applies to any genders 🙂

Left & Right,


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