Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro

Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro is a Middle Eastern restaurant situated in Victory Park Shopping Centre. I found it to be more casual/takeaway than bistro and best suited for a quick lunch visit. This is probably a place most people won’t know about unless living in the area. It came to my attention after seeing a friend tweet that she enjoyed their schwarmas and I also saw it on the Entertainer app for this year.


We tucked into complimentary bread served with chilli, aubergines and a napolitana sauce (sounds better than saying tomato sauce).


The Oreo shake (R33) tasted just as good as it looked. Given the huge portion sizes you might struggle to finish your meal after having one of these!


I found the layout interesting with a huge table in the middle playing home to a few board games. The open plan kitchen, bright lighting and openess detracted from this being a more homely and cosy space.


Even though the name has schwarma in it there are also open sandwiches, toasties, soups, salads, tapas, grills and burgers to choose from. Should you decide on a schwarma you can either pick an option of the menu or build your own. Building your own gives you the option of picking from 8 fillings (meat/veg), a choice of 4 salads picked from 24 options, 2 sauces from a range of 6 and optional garlic/chilli. It can be quite overwhelming choosing when provided with so many options so it’s great that there are speciality schwarmas where no thinking is provided.


We both decided on a chicken schwarma platter served with hummus, tahini, chips, pita and a choice of three salads for R99. A deconstructed pita of sorts. The amount of food on one platter was more than enough for two people. I found the chicken to be really salty but enjoyed everything else.


The chefs were very friendly and insisted on me snapping a few pictures of them as well. Service was slow at times but overall I loved how friendly and welcoming everyone was. The food didn’t wow me but then again does cafe food ever? I will definitely be back during my fasting month as finding a wide variety of vegetarian meals is hard to come by. The friendly staff, huge portions and plenty of vegetarian options should make it an option for you to try out on your next meal out.

Ring: 087 550 4266
Hop: Victory Park Shopping Centre, Corner of 2nd Avenue, Rustenburg Road, Victory Park

Schwarmas & Bistros,


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