For the Love of Coconut

I have loved strawberries as far back as I can remember. You probably thinking wait strawberries, isn’t this post about coconuts? Indeed it is. My love affair with coconut has been a recent one unlike my strawberry one. It’s hard to pinpoint the origin but I believe it was a delicious coconut cake that started it all. As my love for eating coconut grew so did my obsession with coconut beauty products. Today’s post features four beauty products and a yummy sweet treat. 


Nivea’s Creme coconut shower cream with jojoba oil has a refreshing sweet scent that transports you to a tropical island. Even if only for the duration of your shower. It smells more island than coconut but in a way I am happy about this. A typical coconut scent can be heavy. A bottle retails for R30 and lasts me a month. This definitely is one for my repurchase list.


Balm Balm’s super light coconut cleanser is exactly that, super light. It took me by surprise how lightweight this cleanser is. Balm Balm is a brand that is both 100% organic and natural. I think this is great but it is also wise to remember that just because a product contains natural ingredients it does not automatically make it good for you. Snake venom can also be classified as natural! The ingredients for this product is stated as all organically grown so I can’t be sure what it contains. I was disappointed for all of five minutes to find that it did not smell like coconuts, it in fact had no smell at all. This is actually great because fragrances can irritate your skin and are unnecessary ingredients to any product.

This cleanser is unlike any oil cleanser I have used before with a consistency so light that it feels very similar to applying a facial oil. Often this does makes me feel that I haven’t used enough. The oil doesn’t emulsify so I do have to spend longer than I usually would rinsing. My face feels soft and clean with no hint of dryness afterwards. The only disappointment in this product is the bottle design. It really could do with a pump or dropper. Pouring oil out gets messy and more often than not results in product wastage. R280 for 100ml bottle was a sore price point but you can now pick this up for only R120 on Luhla. Score!


The Body Shop body butter is a great product at a good price and the only product I use to moisturize my skin. The coconut body butter is no different. This body butter has a rich creamy texture suited for dry skin and a delicious coconut scent that is perfect for use in the colder months. It has won its way as a firm favourite in my beauty cupboard.


In hindsight Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical and Exotic is not exactly the scent that I would have liked my hair to smell like. It did smell like coconut but I hated it on my hair. I have realized after this that I prefer sweet, clean and fresh smelling hair to heavy and overpowering. Scent aside I couldn’t for the life of me understand the dry shampoo hype. I waited a few days for my hair to be sufficiently oily and dirty, sprayed the product as instructed and became more and more horrified with the results. My hair still looked dirty if not more, I could feel a layer of product on my hair, the whole process was so time consuming that I might as well have washed it and lastly my hair became knotty and unmanageable. I tried using it a few more times and even watched videos on how to use dry shampoo but no success. Nothing can replace washing your hair. I would rather walk around with dirty hair than dirty hair with an addition of dry shampoo masking as clean.


How pretty is the turquoise wrapping paper on the Lindor Coconut truffle balls?! The bf played chocolate mule and bought them for me from Sea Point Spar in Cape Town. The good news is that you can now buy these in boxes from the usual grocery stores. I bet you want to know what it tastes like? Expect a delicious coconut milk flavoured centre enveloped in milk chocolate. It is so delicious even though I was secretly hoping for it to include coconut pieces. My taste buds are now set on trying the Lindt Dark Coconut Intense slab.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If there are any beauty products you think are awesome and that I should try out please leave me a comment!

Love & Coconuts,


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