London Travel Diaries: Week 5

My fifth week in London was one of a few firsts. It was the first week where I didn’t go out during the week or see Michelle. It was also the week I decided to do a little shopping. I bought a gorgeous black bag from Zara, Cards Against Humanity card game and a purple minion for my sister. My initial panic of being shipped off to York faded as I had already experienced London for a month. Although anyone who has been to London will know you could live your whole life in the city and still not have seen it all.

I paid a visit to the Borough food market where you can find plenty of prepared food, desserts and the likes of meat, cheese, fruit and vegetable produce. The market is housed in a space that gives it an authentic market feel. After grabbing a prawn wrap for lunch I stood on London Bridge to view Tower Bridge lift for a little boat with a very tall mast. As there was another lift happening in an hour I walked along the river to get closer pictures of the bridge. Walking around the city by myself was one of favourite things to do in London. Not only is it a great photo opportunity, but also an amazing way to explore and experience the city. Wandering around on my own means I can go where I want, not worry about what someone else feels like doing and I can take my time snapping photos.

I found a bridge where silly people chained locks onto (do you need locks on a bridge to symbolize your love?!), walked up to Tower Bridge, walked down to the Monument and London Bridge, paid a visit to Southwark Cathedral, saw Shakespeare’s Globe, crossed Millennium Bridge to St Paul’s and back over the bridge to Tate Modern. I love that London has the most amazing art galleries and museums of which most are free. It’s quite difficult for an amateur like me to capture a photo of a picture properly but I included a few of my favourite ones from the gallery that didn’t photograph too badly.

Before I came to London I did loads of research on things to do as well as events that would be happening during my stay. The Chinese New Year was one of these events so I arranged to meet my friend Marie-Pierre to check out the celebrations. We learnt that 2015 is the year of the sheep/goat. It was my first visit to a very packed China Town. There was the usual restaurants that you can normally eat at as well as street vendors selling food and souvenirs. Platforms were set up where traditional dance performances took place and floats provided a photo opportunity for many.

We made our way to Trafalgar Square but struggled to see through the crowds. The cold weather and rain was reason enough for us to find a restaurant to escape to. Our pizza and pasta at Pasta Brown was rather disappointing. I found it really weird that none of the restaurants in London served their pizzas sliced. While this isn’t the end of the world you do need to provide a sharp knife/pizza cutter to make up for this, which was never the case.

After doing a little shopping in Covent Garden I attended my first blogger meet up. While most of the girls were nice enough, I did struggle to identify with them since I am from SA and more familiar with the blogging scene at home than the UK one.

It was overall a weekend with plenty to do and see!

1. Outside Blackfriars tube on the way to work / 2. Earls Court station near home / 3. London Bridge tube sign / 4. The Borough market / 5. Fruit at the market / 6 Grilled prawn wrap from Applebee’s / 7. The Shard / 8. Tower Bridge during a lift / 9. Locks on a bridge / 10. Tower of London / 11. The Monument / 12. Southwark Cathedral / 13. Love this gritty picture of St Pauls / 14. Shakespeare’s Globe / 15. St Paul’s & Millennium Bridge / 16. Tate Modern Art Gallery / 17 & 18. St Paul’s Cathedral / 19. Impressive art by Richard Tuttle at Tate Modern / 20. View from the café at Tate / 21-23. Art at Tate Modern / 24. City Lights / 25. Shakespeare memorial / 26. Chinatown for the Chinese New Year / 27. Posing by a float / 28. Chinese New Year celebrations at Trafalgar Square / 29. Float / 30. Trafalgar Square fountain / 31. Pasta brown restaurant / 32 & 33. Pizza & Pasta at Pasta Brown / 34. Covent Garden at night



































Sights Seen: 13
Photos taken: 921
Pounds spent: 144



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