7 people whose restaurant recommendations you can’t trust

Most people trust recommendations from someone they know often valuing it higher than any review they might read elsewhere. With good recommendations come the fair share of bad ones too. I have compiled a list of people whose recommendations I wouldn’t trust and you shouldn’t either.

1. They don’t know the difference between falafel and mushroom. Especially if it’s labelled on the packaging and they clearly can’t read.

2. They eat the exact same lunch and dinner EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If you only have a two choice variety of chicken salad/steamed chicken & veg for the entire week, it is obvious that ANY meal out that isn’t this will be Michelin star dining to you.

3. My personal favourite are those that don’t know the difference between macaron and macaroon. Or know what a meringue is. I won’t be trusting the dessert recommendations of someone that probably spells it desert.

4. People who don’t eat the restaurant’s speciality. A salad at a burger joint. Fish at a steakhouse. Steak at a pizza place. You get my point. Also if the only meal they order anywhere is steak they probably don’t know anything about food.

5. Those that think franchised restaurants are fine dining.

6. When their favourite restaurant is one you hate, just smile, nod and forget everything they ever recommended.

7. People who don’t pay for their food. It is often the case that bloggers don’t use their own pictures, write detailed stories on vision, decor and everything under the sun except the food. The food part of the review will contain a description as per the menu. Bloggers aren’t professional food critiques so it is difficult for them to be critical of the place they are reviewing. I don’t trust the freebie food reviews especially when it hasn’t been disclosed and it’s glaringly obvious it is sponsored.

Macaron & Macaroon,


3 thoughts on “7 people whose restaurant recommendations you can’t trust

  1. “Etymologically, the word macaroon is simply an Anglicisation of the French word macaron (compare balloon, from French ballon.)”

    Possibly the reason it’s confusing for some? I’ve actually never questioned the confusion on this one as there are so many French words that get Anglicised. Yes, in this case, macaroons are a separate thing but they’re not as popular here so I presume people just don’t know about them. Is there a reason it bothers you so much? We still know what they’re talking about, right?

    • 1. I am pretty sure people don’t research the etymology of words.
      2. There is no confusion. People don’t know that both macaron and macaroons exist and are two different things.
      3. Google is free for those with internet access to educate themselves
      4. Lastly you should ask yourself the question why does it bother you so much about what bothers me? Maybe because you are one of the people who didn’t know the difference? Maybe you got upset I don’t trust your restaurant recommendations?

      Then again I don’t expect much from someone who believes in beauty pageants 🙂 Please don’t come back to read what I write. Thanks so much!

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