7 reasons to be grateful for load shedding

The word load shedding has escalated to swear status in South Africa this year. Although I must say I don’t see people moaning about it as much as they did E-tolls. This could be simply because you can’t sign a petition or not pay for electricity or abstain from using electricity or hoot at silly people holding banners on a bridge to make the things better. The situation is bad, period. But I decided to write this tongue in cheek post to hopefully provide you with a chuckle or two even though you might be in the dark, eating cold food, using the last of your battery power and resorting to using expensive edge data from your cellphone provider to read this.

1. You can’t use your cellphone either because the battery died, you are trying to conserve battery power or you just have no signal when the WIFI is out (thanks Vodacom!). As much as cellphones keep us in touch they keep us out of touch as well. Removing a cellphone from the equation allows us to interact with another human being without distractions and giving them our full attention as they duly deserve.

2. Load shedding has made us better planners. You have to plan the right time to leave for any destination because traffic will be a nightmare, plan to have your electronics charged or plan your load shedding friendly dinner. It’s just planning, planning, planning and then Eskom doesn’t stick to the schedule. But at least you can write down that you are a good planner on your resume.

3. Braai for dinner everyday! South Africans love a good braai and with the power out its the perfect reason to bring the braai tongs out.

4. We generally have to wait for a sporting event to unite the nation. Thanks to Eskom however we are united in our hate of load shedding.

5. Early home time if your office doesn’t have a generator. Let’s ignore the fact that you might have pending deadlines.

6. If you have the 6-10pm load shedding slot (the worst one in my opinion), you have cold food, no tv and no internet to look forward to. There is a silver lining though. More sleep = more rest = more beauty sleep = better looking face = win!

7. More sexy time. The amount of sex you have is inversely proportional to the amount of tv you watch. Less tv = more sex = less headaches = more orgasms = more calories burnt = sexier body.

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