7 things I wish would remain in 2014

Happy New Year my wonderful readers! I can’t believe it’s the beginning of yet another calendar year which most people eagerly await to embrace a fresh start and change. I decided on writing this post because a) it would be weird to write an ordinary post at the start of the year, b) I couldn’t write a 2014 tagged post because my year was relatively mundane and involved me being sick a lot and c) I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions. 2015 is already looking up for me as I am going to be based in London for three months for work. I will definitely be posting about my adventures and misadventures there! Now for the fun bit, 7 things I wish would remain in 2014:

1. Selfie sticks.
2014 was definitely the year of the selfie, with occasional lelfies and belfies, but mainly selfies. I think we all know that 2015 will be the year of the selfie stick which has slowly been gaining momentum at the end of last year. It absolutely irritates me and looks quite idiotic. An arm works perfectly fine or asking someone else to take the picture or better yet enjoying the moment and not taking copious amounts of photos all the time.

2. Tim Noakes Diet.
I’m tired of constant weight loss pictures, Banting recipes and mention of Tim Noakes. It honestly is great that some people have found a way to lose weight that seems to work for them currently. But do I need to get daily/weekly updates, no! I have never been on a diet and I’m by no means a dietician but my 2c opinion is that it doesn’t sound healthy or sustainable in the long term.

3. Bae & Foodie.
The word is Danish for poop. Isn’t that reason enough to stop using it and pretend that it didn’t exist? Unless you do want to call the love of your life poop then by all means go ahead. On that note, let’s abolish the extremely overused word that is foodie. The icing on this wishful linguistic cake would be if kids would type using full words and not silly abbreviated text speak.

4. Candy Crush requests.
This extends to all other Facebook game requests as well. I don’t want to play Candy Crush or Kitchen Scramble or any other stupid waste of time game. I even deleted the games from my phone, foolishly thinking that it would make it stop. Please find a new hobby in 2015 people, or I will be forced to delete you.

5. Fakers, Pretenders & Liars.
This is more of a personal item but I’m tired of people that are downright dishonest. I am a very open person and find it hard to get along with people that lie about every single thing or pretend to be your friend or don’t make time for you or lie about things you confided to them or make you feel like an outsider or don’t invite you to things or gossip about you or are just not worthy of your time and effort anymore. I have lost plenty of relationships with friends and family in 2014 but I hope that those dead relationships will be but a thing of the past. There comes a point where you simply can’t have that toxic waste in your life anymore.

6. Multiple Instagram pictures of Lion’s Head.
I get that you can choose who to follow on Instagram, but I will say it anyway: isn’t 10 selfies on Lion’s Head and another 20 of Lion’s Head more than enough? If you going to do this, then do it properly and make it a 365 day project. *Insert sarcasm.

7. Craft Beer.
The majority of people who drink craft beer do so to be cool or accentuate their hipster vibe. It simply is paying a premium price for a label, just go back to drinking the normal beer if you can’t stop the air of superiority you get from ordering a craft beer.

I hope that people will donate money to organizations this year instead of participating in ice bucket challenges and no make up selfies purely for narcissistic reasons. As a closing note, I am so happy the #100HappyDays challenge has not followed us into 2015!

Happy & New,


6 thoughts on “7 things I wish would remain in 2014

  1. haha this post is brilliant!! I agree the most with 2,3 and 6 but have to disagree with nr 1. I love my selfie stick because it is awesome for travelling and getting the full shot of the landscape in the image. I feel awful asking strangers to take pics of us as a group at landmarks etc when travelling because those people are also there to experience the site not there as a personal photographer. This is where a selfie stick makes a world of difference and is so easy!

    • Thanks for reading Abby x I guess I can’t bash it until I have tried it, my sister also said its quite cool. I definitely agree that you don’t end up getting a full landscape if you take a selfie and asking strangers can be awkward. I must say I haven’t seen anyone use it but in my mind it seems like it will look funny 🙂

  2. I love your 7 things posts and this one is no different. I had such a good laugh and at the end of the post, I was like “why didn’t I think of this”. Thanks for making me laugh when the new year has already started me off on a serious note.

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