Socializing & Drinks at Social on Main

Social on Main is a popular drinking hole and restaurant situated on Main Street in Bryanston, hence the name. The “on Main” part threw me as I thought it was a market type hangout akin to Market on Main (which it isn’t).


They have an extensive drinks menu with plenty of cocktail options. I tried the berry daiquiri for R49. It was very disappointing, a flavourless and watered down drink with not enough rum or berry juice. I stuck to Cosmopolitans (R51) afterwards as these were made properly. Also pictured here is the Berry Blush cocktail (R51).


I loved the decor which includes wooden tables and mismatched chairs. The bar area provides a great focal point for the restaurant. If you are stopping by just for a drink there are plenty of bar stools and tables set up in this section.


My expectations were low as I had read a few unflattering reviews on Zomato but I was pleasantly surprised and had a great lunch out. The only disappointing element that I could fault was the one cocktail.


For starters I had the spicy chicken satay with a peanut sauce for R48. I didn’t expect there to be six mini skewers which is quite generous for a starter and can easily be shared. The chicken was seasoned and cooked well, while the peanut sauce was a delicious complement to the dish.


The jalepeno poppers for R40 stuffed with cheddar, cream cheese and home smoked bacon bits served with a mint, cucumber and yoghurt dip is a starter suited to those with a penchant for hot food. I didn’t taste the jalepeno poppers but my colleague enjoyed them and said they were definitely quite hot! The batter didn’t look the right shade and there was hardly any bacon but it certainly was the biggest stuffed jalepeno poppers I have seen.


The flame grilled baby chicken for R115 is marinated in chipotle sauce for 24 hours and served with chips and slaw. This was hands down the best baby chicken I have ever had. What really made the dish standout was the excellent flavouring and seasoning. I found the chipotle flavour a welcome change from the boring and extremely bland combination of olive oil and herbs that other restaurants do.


Pan seared tuna with cous cous, capers, sun blushed tomatoes, grapefruit garnish and a tomato feta sauce for R110.


21 day age 300g rump with burnt cherry tomatoes, flat mushrooms, fries and onion rings for R130.


For dessert I enjoyed the ice cream sarmie constructed with vanilla bean ice cream in a choc-nut brownie sandwich and chocolate caramel sauce for R45. The presentation on a board was beautiful but impractical as the ice cream started to melt and leak off even before it reached the table. I didn’t like the taste of the chocolate caramel sauce but the brownie was yummy despite being hard and biscuit like. Overall a nice dessert that provided a perfect ending to a meal.


I tasted the lemon syllabub dessert with biscuit crumble, homemade lemon curd, sweet wine whipped cream and lavender foam for R40. The foam really did taste like lavender! I’m not really a fan of lemon myself but those that are will definitely enjoy it – a little more biscuit would perfect this dish.


I don’t say this often but this was definitely a rare case of me enjoying everything I ate. The experience was lovely filled with good food and service.


Do try out Social on Main for a great place to meet up with friends for a drink or bite to eat.

Ring: 087 550 3548
Hop: Posthouse Centre, Cnr Main Road & Posthouse Street, Bryanston

Social & Cocktails,


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