Shower time with Nivea

I have only made the switch to shower gel from soap in the last few years and I haven’t looked back since. Soap is definitely cheaper but that’s where the pros end for me. Whilst I have used lotions from Nivea before this was my first time using the shower creams/gels and I was quite impressed. 

Happy time shower cream contains bamboo milk and orange blossom. I found the scent smells similar to the Tropika Orange flavour right down to an after scent vs Tropika’s after taste. It lathered to a creamy foam and didn’t dry out my skin.

Powerfruit relax shower gel has acai berry fragrance with antixodants and blueberries. I don’t believe there will be any stable antixodants present in this to provide beneficial properties to your skin. This was the least favourite of the three because the gel foamed less and the scent is very artificially perfumed. I was expecting a more natural, fresher and fruitier scent.


Creme coconut shower cream with jojoba oil and coconut water is the reason I started buying Nivea shower creams. I bought this because I love all things coconut but the scent isn’t remotely coconut. It’s a refreshing sweet scent that I would associate with a tropical island. I’m actually glad it wasn’t a typical coconut scent which can be quite heavy.

The bottles are the best in terms of ease of use even when they were almost empty. The 250ml bottle will cost you R30 and lasts around a month. Overall I preferred the shower creams because of the scent, moisturizing and foaming properties. I will definitely be popping a bottle or two of Happy Time and Creme Coconut in my shopping basket again!

Nivea & Showers,


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