Burgers & Beer at The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack is a popular burger bar situated in Parkhurst. It’s the perfect spot for those looking for a burger and craft beer fix. I finally got the chance to try it out on a Saturday which was surprisingly packed at 2:30pm. We sat at the high bar tables and asked to be moved to a proper table when free, but this never happened. Customers who came after us got tables, so I suggest if you want to move you have to be proactive about it as soon as you see a table free up.


Parkhurst is home to a few small restaurants but I was still quite surprised at how small The Wolfpack is. I loved the unique decor elements of the retro checkered floor, blue wooden tables and the tin chairs in shades of orange and black. The face brick wall with a pack of wolves mural and the intricately designed restaurant logo provides a great focal point for the restaurant. There is also an upstairs section which can be hired for functions, the only requirement being that there is a minimum spend of R180 per person.


Steelworx cocktail with lemonade, ginger ale, passionfruit & Roses kola tonic cordial with a dash of Angostura bitters for R32.


Our burgers were served quickly, which was good because we were starving! I ordered the Harissa lathered lamb burger with punchy mint pesto, raita and black peppered tomatoes rested on baby spinach for R99. The patty didn’t have any Harissa flavour to it, I found it to be quite fatty with a bland meaty taste. I asked for my burger to be well done and as a result the edges were hard and overcooked. The flavour combinations didn’t wow me and more condiments were needed to combat the dryness of the burger. In the end it was just okay and not a burger I would order again.


The sides were humongous! We liked both the sweet potato chips served with hummus and the fries served with garlic aioli. I found the hummus and aioli were small portions relative to the fries and sweet potato chips servings. Management has responded by saying that most people don’t finish the dippings and you can most certainly ask for a top up. Burgers come served with sides but additional ones can be ordered for R15. I love that you can choose from different fresh salad options, fries, sweet potato chips, wasabi onion rings or polenta chips.


The bf had the Big Bad Wolf burger which is a cheddar stuffed gourmet beef patty, pan finished in tomato stock, rested on crispy lettuce topped off with wasabi onion rings, jalapeños, pineapple, pancetta, fresh tomato and garlic aioli for R88. Whilst the patty didn’t taste bland it didn’t have much of a taste either, chopped pineapple was a good touch making it easier to eat, the cheddar was overpowering and more aioli was needed. The full flavour is lost as you can’t eat all the toppings in one bite when there are so many. Overall it was a sufficiently good burger but not an amazing one.


The menu is relatively small containing five beef, one pork, ostrich, chicken and lamb; two vegetarian and one vegan burger with a specials menu that changes every two months. Non burger options include two salads, a pasta and a fillet. For dessert try one of the homemade gourmet ice creams for R45 on offer. Soft drink prices are very reasonable and burgers range between R70 – R100. The ambience is trendy and busy, a great spot to hang out and be seen with friends.

I have yet to taste a wow burger anywhere. The focus of restaurants is on gourmet style burgers with plenty of toppings. I personally feel a well cooked, well seasoned and juicy burger with plenty of sauce and a few traditional toppings is the key to a great burger. Whilst I wouldn’t go back anytime soon, I would definitely say it is better than Dukes. It was a good experience but it didn’t live up to the hype for me.

Ring: 087 550 3520
Hop: 21, 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Burgers & Beer,


2 thoughts on “Burgers & Beer at The Wolfpack

  1. Nice review Sam. We had our Christmas party their last year. I quite enjoyed my food, but I had a Moroccan burger- so it was full of flavour. I think it’s a cool place but the fact that it’s setup so close to the road is distracting, especially because we were seated on the upper terrace.

    • Thanks for reading 🙂 The Moroccan burger sounds nice! I might try a chicken burger the next time I go. We were sitting quite close the road, even though the plastic cover was pulled down, it is quite dostracting because its so busy. I’m a pizza and pasta kinda girl at heart thoughz

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