Retail Box Secret Box 4

The fourth secret box was a Movember inspired men’s edition for R149. The cryptic description stated that the box had everything a man would need for grooming and styling any hair type. I love how Retail Box have been doing themed boxes – a pink inspired breast cancer box, a Halloween box and now a Movember box. I’m expecting that there is going to be an awesome Christmas box up for sale in December!


The box was packaged in grey paper, black straw and a cool Movember branded sticker stating that R10 had been donated to the cause on your behalf.


There were two full size products, the first was 250ml [3D] Men Deep Cleansing Shampoo by Schwarzkopf Professional that retails for R160. I found it interesting that its branded as suitable for hair, scalp and roots as I haven’t come across any shampoos that can only be used on one of the three. The shampoo contains menthol with a scent that is strong, overpowering and medicinal. The bf found it to be a harsh gel shampoo that completely strips your hair leaving it beyond squeaky clean, a little too deep cleansing I think! He is using it everyday but I would think this is better suited for weekly use unless you have a problem with product build-up. Alternate boxes contain the Root Activator shampoo which simulates hair growth. If you are looking for a clarifying shampoo I would recommend Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo which smells better, does a good job at clarifying and comes at a much better price.


A travel sized 50ml [3D] Men Hair & Body Shampoo has a gel consistency with a refreshing, invigorating and manly scent. I don’t quite get products that can be used on both hair and body, it seems to me that it will be an average shampoo and an expensive body wash. Want to know what the bf liked most about this product? The fact that it was travel sized and he could take it on his next work trip! A full sized 250ml product costs R160.


A 30ml [3D] Men Texture Clay is a white and waxy product with a fainter, similar, scent to the hair and body shampoo. This isn’t a bad matte product but it doesn’t suit those who prefer a lighter product that can be readjusted during the day or one that doesn’t weigh your hair down. You can purchase 100ml for R180.


A full size 85g Paul Mitchell Mitch Barber’s Classic Pomade retails for R275. This product has a thick purple gel consistency and lime scent that reminds me of household cleaning products. I guess guy products don’t smells as nice as the girl products do! The product is high shine which results in a shiny almost wet hair look. This is best suited to guys that prefer an almost greasy slicked back look.


The Bluebeards Revenge is a brand I have not heard of before, doesn’t it sound like a movie title for Pirates of the Caribbean? We received a 20ml sample of The Ultimate Post-Shave balm which is more gel than balm. The scent is refreshing with hints of aloe vera. It is perfect for soothing, calming and refreshing skin after a shave and contains an ingredient Decelerine to slow down beard growth. You can pick up 100ml for R297.50.


Sachet samples of The Bluebeards Revenge The Ultimate Shaving Cream and The Ultimate Cooling Moisturiser which retails at R297.50 for 100ml. I must say I’m not too sure about this range as it seems rather overpriced to me.


I estimate the box to be worth R600 and there probably isn’t a product in the box that the bf would purchase again on his own. This was the first secret box that didn’t sell out within a few hours and is still available a week later. I suspect that men probably don’t know about it/are lazy to buy products or the women that went crazy for the other boxes couldn’t be bothered to order for the men in their lives. If you think one of the men in your life would like the products, then get a box and surprise them!

Movember & Hair,


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