The Café on the Cnr

Cnr Café Bistro + Deli is a popular hangout for locals in Craighall. While the sidewalk seating on the outside has a view of the road and parking lot this is compensated for by the light and openness in contrast to the indoor section.


The restaurant is decorated with dark grey paint, concrete floors, tables with plain white cloths and black outdoor chairs. I found the space to be dark, disjointed due to the oddly situated pillars and empty because of the large open space at the front of the restaurant.


There is a small bar area, a baked goods/dessert table and a wooden shelf containing sundry food items available for purchase. Interestingly designed faux buck heads decorating a large wall, a mosaiced pizza oven and blue scooter feel out of place and lost in the vast space of the restaurant.


The customers frequenting here seem to mainly be families, it isn’t really a trendy spot for friends to meet or a romantic date night place. Whilst this is an owner run restaurant it didn’t really feel like one to me.


I ordered the berry fruit smoothie for R31. Hands down it was the worst “smoothie” I have ever had. It resembled a strawberry juice and tasted sour, watered down and flavourless.


For mains (ordered from the specials menu) the chicken breast served with chips and a zucchini salad was a decent portion presented beautifully. The chicken was tender, served as two pieces and prepared in a delicious sauce. I didn’t see the purpose of the mayo drizzled on top as I was not eating a burger and it ruined the dish for me. The zucchini salad was light and refreshing and the chips extremely oily and not cooked properly.


The chicken prego and chips for R74 has a chicken breast rubbed with sun-dried tomato pesto, lettuce, tomato and Dijon butter served with a weird tasting peri peri sauce. This was an average dish where the chicken was dry, a weird dark brown colour and pummeled to a thin piece that didn’t taste like chicken. When ordering a prego I expect a decent piece of meat with good toppings which unfortunately wasn’t the case.


We chose the chocolate cheese cake combo for dessert which has chocolate mousse on the top and cheese cake at the bottom. It was delicious but very sweet and needed a thicker biscuit base. Even though the portion was smaller than that served by most restaurants the piece was sufficient for two people.


The small menu selection includes options of sarmies, salads, pastas and pizzas. While many of the ingredient combinations are unique they don’t particularly appeal to me. Prices are decent; expect to pay R75 on average for a main meal. They also have a wide variety of breakfast options but I can’t expect the restaurant to be anything but cold and gloomy as a breakfast spot.


I don’t plan on going back unless I feel like using an Entertainer voucher (buy one meal get one free) for a quick dinner if I am in the area. There isn’t anything special in respect of food, service or ambience wise to warrant a trip here.

Ring: 011 880 2244
Hop: Corner Buckingham & Rothesay Avenue, Craighall

Corners & Cafes,


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