7 stupid tweets I have read

Instead of wasting energy and time replying to stupid tweets with a logical response I have decided to paraphrase the tweets and explain why I think they are silly. People become hostile on Twitter when you question them even if it is in a nice way. This is mainly because they are incapable of logic or handling criticism. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more or you have seen any stupid tweets yourself please feel free to leave me a comment 🙂

1. There should be a place in hell for able-bodied people who use the lift for one floor.

Firstly let’s make the assumption that your annoyance is due to a) people wasting your supposed precious time or b) one floor is easy to walk vs more than one.

Why it’s stupid:
– You are an able-bodied person complaining, so why don’t you take the stairs instead of the lift. Why do you get to decide that it can only be taken for more than one floor? Aren’t lifts meant to be used?
– Just because someone doesn’t look physically sick or disabled with a walking stick/wheelchair/hair loss doesn’t mean that they aren’t feeling well/chronically sick. You getting angry at them just by judging their appearance displays ignorance on your part.
– The best part is if you consider the logic of the way lifts work. You could get people getting on at each floor going up 2 floors and the lift it will stop at every single floor hence making your anger and argument null and void. 
2. If you have not had a biscuit from shop W, the bakery variety not the boxed one of course, I don’t know the reason you are living. 

Why it’s laughable: If the reason for your existence is to eat a biscuit then I have to feel sorry for you. But we must remember this is the type of exciting tweets one can expect from bored housewives. 

3. No one is asking you to buy a banting pizza. Keep quiet and eat a normal one if it is too expensive. 

Why it’s idiotic:
– The social media manager tweeted this on a personal account regarding a customer complaint for the company she does social media for. People also know she does social media for said company.
– The customer was complaining about a misrepresentation. You cannot charge R20 extra for a banting base advertised as a regular but is only half the regular size. The customer was cheated twice by having to pay more for a smaller base and having less toppings. An appropriate response on behalf of the company is not explaining away the smaller size by stating that the pizza cost would be silly if it was any bigger. The solution is correctly advertising the size people are buying. Don’t call it a 20cm pizza and charge R20 more than a regular when it is only 10cm.

4. The airport lounge only caters boiled eggs and fruit for the lactose intolerant.

Why it’s silly: people will complain about everything. There is fruit right? The lounge is a privilege not a right. If they were to include other options they would have to increase fees across the board for all customers including you. Would you be happy with that? They could introduce other options but you would probably complain about those too as they don’t meet your food preferences. If the only reason you are banking with said bank is for the airport lounges then consider the following options:
– switch to a lower account option with no airport lounge access and use that money to eat at a restaurant to cater for your very specific dietary needs or just eat your own food at home
– pay the extra money to get a proper elitist account and get possibly better airport lounge food

I honestly don’t understand the people that want to eat a whole meal at an airport lounge. Don’t you eat at home? Isn’t that better and more convenient? If you are the one and only customer complaining out of millions no change is going to happen. It will be a waste of food and money to include alternatives for a few people which non-lactose intolerant people wouldn’t eat.

5. We the social media managers see those that are serial competition enterers, complainers and bleggers.

Why it’s funny: We the customers and followers see you social managers too! I have a whole post about the idiotic things that social media managers do, so I will keep this one short. Serial competition enterers aren’t breaking any rules. You don’t have the power to not run competitions because it’s not your company and honestly I don’t think brands care about them. Complainers are complaining for a reason, social media management isn’t just about RT compliments all the time. PS the irony is that you are complaining about others complaining. Bleggers are begging probably because you have given your friends/other bloggers free stuff. You set a precedent – this is your own fault. At the end of the day it’s your job. It is not a particularly hard one which is probably why you love complaining about everyone that doesn’t sing the company’s praises. If you hate it and people so much then why are you still doing it?

6. Sad to see people investing energy in bullying and hating. 

Why it’s hypocritical: nothing wrong with the tweet except the person in question is a bully them self. Responding to someone’s non-nasty tweet by telling them that they are a loser, should get a life, are a dumb ass and that you are making an example of them pretty much sounds like you are the troll and bully in the situation. Your comments, nastiness, making fun of others, playing the victim and being attention seeking is a knock to your character. Don’t pretend to be a victim of cyber bullying in this case (you might have been in the past). Also if you were not guilty of anything why have you now deleted your mean tweets? There are two sides to every story and it is a pity that the die hard readers will believe your doctored version. If you had been a victim of cyber bullying in the past you would know to take the high road and not respond. Fighting nasty with nasty doesn’t make you the better person. In the words of my very smart friend, once you start name calling, you have lost because you have no logical argument left. 

7. Disgusted and horrified that someone could spend R2m on a bottle of whisky.

Why it’s none of your business: you are comparing your personal circumstances with that of someone who can afford to spend R2m. A homeless person would probably be horrified at what you spend on your grocery bill. An average person would be horrified at you spending 1k on face cream. It’s all relative. I’m pretty sure you don’t buy all your clothes at Pep or use only drug store cosmetics or drive the cheapest car on the market. Everything is relative to your financial circumstances. Don’t compare yours to someone else’s unless you are prepared to realize that someone out there will be disgusted and horrified at you as well.

Disclaimer: *No dumb Twitter users were hurt in the writing of this post.

Logic & Tweets,


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