Retail Box Secret Box 2

Retail Box released their second secret box last week for R199 and I was lucky enough to nab one. If you missed my post on the first secret box you can read it here. The box was pink inspired containing 5 full size products for colour treated hair worth R950. I didn’t have a problem purchasing the first secret box because I paid for it before the announcement went out. This time around I felt that I was virtually fighting with many other women to get my hands on one. The site kept crashing and the credit card facilities weren’t working either. It was a four hour process before I actually succeeded in purchasing a box. The high demand is no doubt due to how amazing the first box was but unfortunately the number of boxes are limited. I was however happy with the service of Retail Box when I phoned in with a few questions and that I received my purchases on Monday when I purchased on Friday.


Schwarzkopf sulphate free shampoo (250ml retails for R215). All the Schwarzkopf products are from the Bonacure hairtherapy cell perfector color freeze range. 


Schwarzkopf conditioner (200ml retails for R225). My perception of Schwarzkopf was that they were just a drug store brand as I didn’t know that they did higher end hair products. I am curious to see what the products will be like as I haven’t used the brand before.


Schwarzkopf treatment (200ml retails for R310). My hair isn’t colour treated but I decided to buy the box anyway. I believe that hair products that state they are better for coloured hair are a gimmick. The reason I say this is because all shampoo should be gentle, give your hair shine and not strip your hair. I don’t think that products for coloured hair have any different or special ingredients to a normal shampoo. 


OPI nail polish in pink shatter (probably retails for R120). This nail polish is applied over a lacquer coat of a different colour to create a shattered coat similar to the bottle lid. I will try it out but I am not too keen on it as I prefer a clean and classic look.


Invisi Bobble in pink (retails for R80). It was interesting that there was an Invisibobble in both the first and second boxes. I guess one can’t have too many hair ties! We also received another notebook and pen. 


Retail Box have indicated that they are hoping to release a monthly box. The boxes are great value for money but I am not sure if I would buy them every month (assuming I’m quick enough to buy one) because: I overspend by buying other products to get the qualifying R500 free shipping spend, I don’t want to build up an even bigger hair products hoarding collection and lastly it was quite a hassle and time waster to get one due to the demand crashing the site. My current hair product collection includes 6 masks, 2 shampoos, 3 conditioners, 4 hair oils and 9 heat protecting/styling products. Suffice to say I probably have enough to last me a while!


Secrets & Boxes,


4 thoughts on “Retail Box Secret Box 2

    • I had three credit card orders crash and I made my bf try a few times. He said I was getting a bit emo when I couldn’t get one. Ha! I hope you are able to get the next box 🙂 it’s just crazy because of the demand it takes hours to get one and if you are at work at some point you have to give up. I wonder how many boxes they have available to purchase though.

    • I also ordered the third box. They didnt advertise this time around and I only got one because I was randomly looking at products on their website. I think they will be delivered today 🙂 I am sure it will be a great one! Let me know what you think x

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