Tasha’s Restaurant Review

My first trip to Tasha’s was way back when in 2010. I have visited the Rosebank, Melrose Arch, Morningside and Hyde Park branches. Other Johannesburg branches are located in Bryanston, Sandown and Bedfordview. The Hyde Park branch is my least favourite because it’s in the middle of the mall pathway with no inside seating although I do like their ice cream and dessert set up. Only three branches are open for dinner service, Hyde Park, Melrose Arch and Bryanston. Whilst I have never had a problem getting a table at the Melrose Arch and Hyde Park branches there always tends to be a long wait at the Morningside and Rosebank ones. The pictures in this post are from the Rosebank branch. 


I like that all the branches aren’t styled exactly the same. They each have quirky ceiling decor ranging from hanging books, cutlery or even teacups. I would describe the decor as clean, light, modern and pretty with a slight quirky touch. The vibe is very chilled. Half of the people that eat here are of the hipster/pretenticious/trying to be cool crowd which can be annoying. Lunching at the Rosebank branch we often have to sit outside because it’s permanently busy. 


The strawberry fruit freezo (R38) is a drink I have enjoyed at Melrose Arch and Hyde Park but this was terribly tasteless and watered down.


The peanut butter milkshake (R28) is extremely filling and delicious. It is basically drinking a lot of ice cream which I wouldn’t recommend if you are eating lunch as well. A bit more detail could be paid to not serving up a dripping glass. We also found a piece of hair in the peanut crackle.


My freshly squeezed pineapple, pear and ginger juice had an overpoweringly amount of ginger in it (R39). Our waitress was however kind enough to replace it. I wouldn’t order it again as I have had better tasting freshly made juices for cheaper prices elsewhere. If you love ice cream and fruit I would recommend you try the frullato here (R35).


The wild mushrooms pasta with parsley, garlic, lemon and parmesan shavings with added cream (R94) was bland with not a hint of flavour or cream tasted both here and at the Hyde Park branch. 


I enjoy the creamy pesto pasta with chicken, button mushrooms, sundried tomato, pesto, cream, basil and white wine (R94). This dish isn’t consistent – sometimes it’s good but sometimes it’s bland and I have to load it with parmesan and chilli to make it edible. Picture of the dish taken last year shown below.


In the picture of the dish taken this year you can see the colour of the pesto isn’t as rich as the one above (I asked for no sundried tomatoes).


The Mexican quesidilla has sautéed mince made with chilli, red beans, red onion, coriander, cumin and emmentaler served with guacamole and a spicy tomato relish (R89) is one of the the four quesidilla options to choose from. It had good fresh ingredients but the mince filling was bland. I like the Brazilian quesidilla with strips of grilled chicken in lemon, chilli and coriander marinade with cheddar served with yoghurt (R82). It’s a fairly light meal although a bit on the cheesy side.


I am in love with the serving presentation of the mini chicken burgers on a board accompanied with fries and mayo in crushed cups. The burgers were average because the chicken tasted strange possibly from the old oil it had been fried in. I have been to the Morningside branch for an enjoyable breakfast and definitely think it’s an ideal breakfast place with good options to choose from. Other dishes I have tried include humongous sandwiches made with good quality ingredients, chicken breasts served with a tomato chutney that didn’t compliment each other and lastly bland and burnt lamb chops.

The menu is extensive with pretty much anything you can think of. It’s a good spot for the health conscious with plenty of salads and freshly squeezed juices. Other options includes pastas, quesidillas, sandwiches, lamb, salmon, chicken and steak dishes; burgers, soups and even a hot dog! The only food dishes missing are calamari and prawns. The service at the Rosebank branch is generally quite bad. We always wait long for food and are often ignored by waiters.   


Tasha’s is a restaurant that everyone knows off, everyone has been to and everyone wants to be seen at. For me it works as a breakfast and lunch spot but not a dinner one. I think it’s very much a hyped up restaurant which contributes to people’s love for it. Going with the ratings on Zomato the Melrose Arch branch seems to be your best bet. Although the food options are good, the ingredients fresh and the meals sounding delicious in theory, in reality the seasoning and flavour is often seriously lacking. The food I have tasted is unfortunately inconsistent, average and sometimes bland so I only end up here when it’s for the sake of convienience. 

Click: http://www.tashascafe.com/
Ring: 011 447 7972
Hop: The Zone Rosebank, Oxford road, Rosebank

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