Mezepoli Greek Restaurant

Mezepoli is my favourite Greek restaurant situated in Melrose Arch that serves food meze style. I have frequented here around six times over the past two years and tasted a wide variety of dishes on the menu.


I love that the decor is light and clean. Most Greek restaurants use white with blue accents but Mezepoli does it elegantly well. The space inside is quite small so the tables are lined up in rows which is a bit of a stiff setup. 


The first thing that struck me is that all the food is meze and there aren’t any platters or normal main meal options. I do love meze because it allows you to try a few dishes and share your food. Something to bear in mind is that meze food will cost more and portions are small. On the menu is a huge variety of vegetarian, seafood and meat meze with unique dishes I haven’t seen at other Greek restaurants. 


There are a choice of six dips to choose from for R26 each. My favourites are the tzatziki, tirosalata, olive tapenade and hummus (not pictured here).


The pitas here are great with an option of traditional or thin (which I prefer) for R6 each. A mixed cabbage salad with peppers and carrots in a piquant dressing for R28 is an interesting salad combination. Deep fried baby marrows served with a gruyere for R38 is another of my favourites. Roasted peppers soaked in olive oil, vinegar and garlic for R38 is delicious.


The deep fried haloumi for R45 is delicious but a small portion. 


A Greek salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, feta and dressing for R59. The jalepenos are hot and slightly acidic for R28. The falafel for R38 and dolmades for R36 are also good vegetarian dishes. I also like the grilled feta in foil with tomato, pepper and chilli for R45 if I’m not ordering a feta dip.


The deep fried squid heads with a peri peri and aioli sauce for R49 is a decent portion size. The squid heads tasted like they were fried in old oil and the aioli way too garlicky. The souvlaki chicken for R39 is four pieces of chicken skewered and served with chips. I didn’t enjoy this on the last two visits because it is made from chicken thighs and the cuts weren’t good. It has also been served to me either pink, rubbery, fatty or burnt. The calamari grilled with onion and garlic for R45 is packed with flavour and a dish I always order.


Line fish prepared in foil with steamed Mediterranean vegetables, olive oil and lemon for R135 had a delicious sauce but the vegetables were still hard. 


Three lamb loin chops grilled with oregano and salt for R110 is a normal meal sized portion but was very bland. The chicken livers for R42 is also on the average side of taste – I still maintain Nandos is the only place you should eat chicken livers at. Restaurants just don’t get it right. 


The spring chicken prepared in olive oil, oregano and peri peri for R98 wasn’t anything special. I prefer a chicken from Nandos which is meatier and tastes better.


Calamari stuffed with peppers and feta for R47 was expensive for only seven tubes and lacked flavour.


If you are looking for something light there are pita meals and strangely enough they serve sushi as well. We usually order two/three vegetarian meze, two meat meze, three dips and pitas which comes to around R400 including drinks for two people. The challenge is ordering enough food for a big group of people. I think a safe amount is two meze per person with the costlier mezes not being worth it in terms of size in my opinion. They definitely have a plenty of options to choose from and it’s also one of the few places where this is extended to vegetarian dishes as well.


The waiters are friendly and the service quick. Overall I feel that the food has deteriorated slightly and the food portions have become smaller. The food does however feel relatively healthy and light. I love it as a date restaurant and it also seems quite popular for family gatherings or a bunch of friends. The food will not knock your socks off but it’s good (depending on what you order) and a great alternative to the majority of similar restaurants out there.

Ring: 011 684 1162
Hop: Melrose Arch

Greek & Meze,


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