Swani Women’s Boutique Spa in Rosebank

I paid a visit to Swani Women’s Boutique Spa (previously Rain Urban Boutique Spa) for a 1hr hot stone massage. They are a women only spa situated in the office section at The Zone mall in Rosebank.


I got greeted at the door and was told to hang my handbag and coat near the entrance. Given that the spa is small there is no need for lockers but if there were other patrons I probably would have kept my bag with me in the treatment room. I have been to my fair share of spas and Swani definitely takes top honours for the way they have decorated the space. White furniture with green accented walls makes for a beautiful and relaxing environment. I love that the relaxation area downstairs has a double volume ceiling that creates plenty of space. It is very difficult to transform a space in a mall (or anywhere for that matter) into a tranquil environment but Swani have managed to pull this off.


There are three treatment rooms upstairs. In a little couch section you change into slippers, sip on tea and clean your hands with a warm towel. The towel was a nice touch but it was stained.


This is one of the few spas I have been to where you have the option of choosing the background music for your massage. Options include nature sounds, relaxing piano, smooth lyrical jazz, wind and strings and zen. The wait is short but there are magazines and a tablet with random facts for you to read while you wait.


After changing into your gown you first have a foot soak and scrub – this is something I have only experienced at Thai massage places. The scrub was in a cute rain drop container (they were previously called Rain) – it was so adorable I wish I had one! I loved that the massage bed was bigger than normal and that all the spa products were lined up neatly on the side.


The unique and great thing about Swani is you get to customize your massage. You first choose your technique and then how many minutes should be spent on each body area. I decided on 5 minutes for each hand and leg and 40 minutes for my back. The lights are then switched off for your massage to be done by soft candle light. Peppermint oil is used for your massage – another customization element would be if they introduced choice of oil.


What I was superbly impressed about was that my massage was the full allocated time. I have been to countless spas and you get 50 minutes (if you are lucky!) for an hour massage. The hot stone technique was also the best I have had. It wasn’t a five minute hot stone back rub and then leaving stones on your back whilst the therapist leaves the room. My only complaint was I felt that the Swedish technique was too hard for the back and felt as if my bones were being dug into – it was my fault though, I should have been more assertive that I wanted a lower pressure. After my massage I noticed the towel on the bed was also stained brown.


After dressing I went downstairs for a drink of water, grapes and a little oatmeal biscuit. I found everyone to be very professional with everything organized perfectly. Warm water was in the room for my foot soak – I have been to spas where you watch them pour it from buckets and splash all over you! There is also no pressure to pay a tip. I do tip but I just don’t like the attitude and pressure surrounding it at some spas.


A 60 minute massage will cost you R475. This is pretty standard for high end spas. Services offered include spa packages, exfoliation, wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing. They also sell Esse and Matsimela products.


Their opening times are 9am to 6pm from Tuesday to Saturdays. I wish they opened till a little later so I could fit in a massage after work. Also parking validation would be great as you generally don’t pay for parking at spas (I guess this would just mean higher prices though). A result of the spa being small and women only makes it more relaxing. You won’t ever have to deal with men in their robes or tons of people milling around. I personally don’t like package products in a small spa environment but this is definitely going to be my new go to place for a hot stone massage. I loved Swani and will definitely be back. My only complaint – please get rid of the stained towels (if you haven’t done so already)!

Click: http://www.swanispa.com/
Ring: 011 447 4534
Hop: Loft Office West Unit 6, First Floor, The Zone Phase II, Rosebank

Swani & Tranquility,


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