7 things people say/do that I hate

1. “I hate being or doing anything normal. Normal is so boring.” Look honey, with seven billion people alive most of what you do/say/think/wear/eat/drink is not original. It has probably been done by someone dead or alive before. I am not trying to stamp out “original” thinking, I am just saying stop putting the rest of us “normal” people down because you aren’t that different from us either.

2. “A terrible/kak view” written when posting something beautiful. Look we get it. It is obvious from the picture that you are on holiday somewhere gorgeous. There is no need to be obnoxious about it.

3. Open letters. Can everyone please just stop with all the open letters! The person your open letter is addressed to is not going to read it. You are just being an attention seeker riding the wave of public curiosity at the time.

4. The diet wars. Skinny hating on fat and fat hating on skinny. Just stop. If you have to put down another person to feel happy about yourself the problem is with you.

5. Generalizations. People who assume that because I am Indian that they need to put on an Indian accent, shake their head, mention that I must love bargaining and have “connections” – I don’t hate how narrow minded you are, but rather I pity you. And don’t get me started on people assuming I have magically morphed into a fluent speaking Afrikaans girl because I am dating a guy who so happens to be Afrikaans. Dating someone doesn’t mean you become the same as the other person. If that’s your idea of dating then sorry for you!

6. “You are not living life until you travel”. If you are one of those people that say this then yes, you will get to see a country but also you have become a holier than thou obnoxiously shitty person. Life experience isn’t only about travel. Stop belittling those that have joy from simpler things be it a dinner out, helping others, having children or the pain suffered from losing a loved one, battling a disease or experiencing hardships. Just because you have the money for a plane ticket doesn’t make you better than others or more worldly experienced. You probably do luxury travel which doesn’t in my mind count as life experience greater than what others do on a day to day basis. Accept it for what it is: a holiday.

7. The blog whores. These are bloggers who get plenty of sponsored items including restaurants, cosmetics and accommodation to name a few. Firstly good for you. No seriously, that’s great. But please stop doing things that make you an asshole blogger. Firstly, stop posting everything you get for free and gushing about how lucky you are. Secondly, stop being a hypocrite. You are the type that also only says nice things regarding your sponsored stuff but bitch and rant about how other bloggers only say nice things about their sponsors. Pot. Kettle. Black.

CG’s advice for you is please just stop, pause and think about what you are going to say before you write or say something idiotic. On second thought, maybe not because I need new material for my posts!


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